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Hey there Barras fabrics fans! We hope you had a beautiful, colorful, and creative summer. Here at Barras, we’ve been admiring the new arrivals for fall and we’re hard at work preparing an amazing season!

A question we get asked all the time is about the way we sell our fabrics. Why would I buy fabrics online? I’m so tactile – I like to FEEL the fabrics before I buy. Is shopping for my fabrics online really right for me?

And our answer to that question is – YES! Anyone, from fabric fanatic to a layman, can easily and enjoyable shop our online fabric store. We take pains to ensure it’s a super-simple process and that our fabrics really pop on-screen. Here’s our top 10 reasons to order fabric online:

1: Our selection! We offer THOUSANDS of fabrics from varied mills around the world

2: The pricing: online shopping is the best way to save money because it’s so easy to compare prices.  

3: Straight rebuys and reordering. If you found a fabric you fell in love with and plan to use again, you can reorder it with a few clicks instead of running out to the store

4: You get to work with us. Obviously. :)

5: We organize our fabrics meticulously. You can sort by color, mill, materials, patterns, and pricing, so finding the perfect fabric is super-simple!

6: Did we mention pricing? You save tons of money by purchasing our discount luxury fabric without the additional fees added on by individual retailers. We also offer clearance fabrics!

7: You won’t have to fight other fabric seekers tooth-and-nail for that one perfect Herringbone roll everyone is dying for.

8: Our fabrics are photographed to optimize the way the colors, textures, and quality would present in real life, so you can get the full experience of the fabric before you buy.

9: You can create a super-fun swatch wall from your favorite prints on Barrasfabrics.com! It’s like an individual Pinterest board dedicated to your top choices.\

10: You get the best selection at the best prices with even greater customer service. Want to try out  the Barras fabrics experience for yourself? Start browsing now!

Why do YOU love online fabric shopping? Tell us in the comments below!

DIY Project: Upholster a Chair

Every year, the fashion industry brings in new colors for us to fall in love with all over again. This year has been a time of bright, yet calming tones that call for us to escape the bustle of everyday life and relax with all that is whirling around us. Think colors like this pallete of turquoise, red and yellow.







The best thing about new hues is that we’re called to make some changes of our own around the home. Why not liven the place up with this DIY project that will have you ditching your old dining room chairs for something a little more funky.

Stapling the fabric around the seat after the cushion has been glued on.

Staples are placed around the seat after the cushion has been glued on.

As long as you have a couple of sturdy chairs, you’ll find this project to be quite simple. You’ll start by unscrewing the seat from your chair and adhering a piece of foam to fit the form of the seat. Next you’ll want to select your fabric. You can find something in our extensive collection at www.barrasfabrics.com. Cut enough so that you can wrap the fabric around the chair and begin to staple along the length and width. When you’re done with that, you’ll have to fold up the corners neatly and staple that down. Once you’re done, you’re ready to put the seat back on your chair.

The finished product!

The finished product!

For a more detailed explaination and step by step pictures, you can see how Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous® updated her chair.

Don’t forget to shop some of our sale items for an even better deal on your project.


Flower Power Fabrics

Floral prints have been around for ages, going in and out of style as frequently as the seasons come and go. They’re so tried and true that to some, flowers may seem, well, kind of old-fashioned, outdated even. But there’s more than one way to add flower power to a room than purchasing a quaint antiquated floral rug like the one your grandmother has covering her living room floor, or a french-style armchair upholstered in faded rose-print.

Flowers done right can be a modern update to any room. They can add a burst of summer to a drab room. Incorporate some floral into your decor by making some DIY curtains, upholstering your sofa with one of our gorgeous fabrics, or papering your walls with a colorful print.

Here are some of Barrasfabrics.com‘s favorite floral picks:

Groovy Baby fabric

Groovy Baby

Spring Bling fabric

Spring Bling

Miranda fabric


Gloria fabric


Amelia fabric


Aurora fabric


Portobello Vase fabric

Portobello Vase

Decorate With Decals

We’re always searching for new, easy-to-do DIY projects to share so that you can enhance your home without emptying out your bank account. If you work with fabric, making clothes, accessories, curtains, and such, you are definitely familiar with the experience of having leftover fabric scraps you don’t know what to do with. So you probably throw them out. Well, we’ve got a better idea coming! Instead of trashing perfectly good, albeit small, pieces of fabric, use them to add a bit of spice to your walls. We’ll tell you how.

If you don’t sew often (or ever), you can check out Barrasfabrics.com for a wide selection of fabrics you can use to decorate with.

Walls can make or break a room. Some walls utilize vividly colored paints to make the room pop. Printed wallpapers add unique style to a room as well. That’s not to say that bright and eye-catching is always the way to go! Sometimes understated grays or beiges are the best way to complement the furniture and decor in a room.

But, sometimes a smattering of fabric decals across your walls can totally change the way the room looks… for the better!

Kids rooms, for example, are the perfect canvas for fun decal additions to your walls. And when your decals are handmade from the fabric of your choice, the possibilities are endless. You are the designer, now take charge and unleash all that dormant creativity! Here’s an example of a really cool application of this idea:

fabric decal fabric decal

Like what you see? You can check out this blog on Popsugar for detailed instructions on how to get your handmade decals stuck on the walls without damaging your paint job.

Make Your Own Curtains

Looking to give your room a face-lift, but don’t have the big bucks to spend? Not a problem. You can give any room an instant update with a little bit of DIY window treatment. After all, what are curtains? It’s just a bit of fabric, cut to size and repackaged with the label “drapery” printed on the package.

Don’t be suckered into paying those marked-up prices when you know you can get the same look for less! With a bit of fabric, some connectors, and a curtain rod, you can redress your windows and totally revamp your room!

With Spring in the air, we think calm neutrals, like camel, tan and pale blue are a beautiful way to begin the season. Take a look at some of our drapery fabrics below and visit barrasfabrics.com to see the full collection.

Glint Moonstone FabricGlint fabricGlassine Fabric

Glassine Crystal Fabric

Quotable (Fabric) Quotes

Whatever project you’ve just finished up with, you probably have a bunch of fabric left over that you don’t know what to do with. Thinking about just trashing it? Not so fast!

Those tiny scraps have potential for greatness! Ok, that may be a bit on the dramatic side, but we do have an idea to put them to good use!

Grab those bits and pieces and make a cute wall decoration sporting your favorite inspirational message or quotable quote in fabric cutout letters!

Image below from Better Homes and Gardens

fabric decoration

If you’re stumped for a profound saying or good motivation quote,here are a few of our own ideas you can steal:

Happiness is good health and a bad memory.

Work hard. Dream big.

Everything happens for a reason.

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

If you want to be happy, be.

Try and fail, but never fail to try.

Life is beautiful

For a full selection of fabrics, check out Barrasfabrics.com

Curtains to Freshen Up Your Home

Feeling the winter blues these days? Sometimes these drab days make you restless and kind of bored of everything. Making small changes to your home can make a big difference!

A bit of a window treatment may sound like a bit of a cop-out if you’re craving a monumental statement-making revolution, but  you don’t need to throw down your house to get that sense of novelty! A bit of fabric adds new blood to that tiring same old same old. Look at the difference a fun print curtain makes in the room pictured above.

Barras Fabrics has an extensive collection of fabrics you can explore to find just the one to bring all the right feels to your home.

Clifton Hall fabric

Clifton Hall

This beautiful antique floral on a bright navy background would look gorgeous in your living room or dining room, if you’ve got more of the timeless class vibe going. The colors are absolutely beautiful and would brighten up the room immensely.

snow leopard fabric

Snow Leopard

Not for the faint of heart: this print is for those of you who are feeling adventurous. Break out this pattern for curtains that will receive non-stop compliments for years to come.

Relic fabric


This one is one of our favorites: the delicate flowers are given a modern update with bright colors that pop. This fabric can really work as curtains in any room from the classiest dining room to the girliest bedroom. This one’s a keeper!

Karma fabric


Simple, classic beauty. The simplicity of the deep navy color and the luxurious jacquard of this fabric blend for an understatedly beautiful combination.

Salima fabric


This last fabric is quite the funky choice. For those with an adventurous approach to decor and a strong sense of fashion, this is a definite style statement to update any room with.

Come to Barrasfabrics.com to see our full collection of fine fabrics for the home.

All Decked Out

Deck Furniture
What better place is there to be than in your backyard with friends, chilling out on your deck chairs in nice weather?

True, it’s not exactly summer out yet, but planning for good times is half the fun – so why not get started on making your backyard the place you’ll want to spend all your time in? Those fraying, stained deck chair cushions would be a good place to begin. Bright colors and fun, summery patterns will instantaneously brighten up your space.

Barras Fabrics has a large selection of fabrics to choose from. Here are some of our favorites:

Tommy Bahama Hearts of Palm fabric

Tommy Bahama Hearts of Palm

Sahara Ink fabric

Sahara Ink

Begonia fabric


Gazebo fabric


PKL OD Menagerie fabric

PKL OD Menagerie

Tommy Bahama Swaying Palm fabric

Tommy Bahama Swaying Palm

Tommy Bahama Top Banana fabric

Tommy Bahama Top Banana

OD Jungle Fever fabric

OD Jungle Fever

Valentine’s Day Pillows

valentine's day

Want to give someone a really cute gift for Valentine’s Day? DIY with these awesome throw pillows. You can choose any fabric you like and cover any old pillow to transform it into a unique masterpiece! Don’t be afraid to get creative – you can use any of these awesome images as inspiration, or you can come up with your own ideas! Either way, whoever you give these to is sure to fall in love with this present.

You’ll need:

  • a yard of fabric – check out our selection at barrasfabrics.com
  • sewing machine
  • thread
  • depending on what design you go with, you may want stencils to spell out “LOVE”, flower petals, or any paraphernalia that you think would look cute on your pillow – you’ve got full creative license!

Next, cut your yard of fabric into three pieces of the following sizes: 20×20, 14×20, & 11×20.

Now for the fun part: choose an applique idea! Once you’ve decided, sew it onto your largest piece of fabric before proceeding to the final step of sewing all the pieces of fabric together.

heart pillow

Image via Lovethispic.com

love pillow

Image via Ucreatecrafts.com

heart pillow

Image via Cutesycrafts.com

Final steps and your heart (pillow) will be all set for the giving 😉 Images via Ucreatecrafts.com

Turn your fabrics over and sew the right sides together on all four sides as shown:

how-to DIY pillowcase

Snip off the corners and flip right side out

diy pillowcase

Mission accomplished! You can just iron the seams out now and your gorgeous pillowcase is good for the giving this V-day!

Home Decor for the New Year

The New Year is a new start, a chance to take a step back and make those changes you’ve been wishing you could get around to for ages. What are your planned New Year’s resolutions for 2016? How about using the spirit of change and renewal that’s in the air to freshen up your home a bit? We’ve collected a few DIY ideas to spruce up your humble abode without spending a wad of cash. All you’ll need is a bit of fabric and lots of creativity!

Who hasn’t wanted a canopy bed since they were 5 years old? Canopy beds (and buying new furniture in general) can be a big expense, though, so here are a couple of alternatives to give your bed that grand and sumptuous look:

canopy bed

One way to get the look is to attach shower rods or curtain rods to the ceiling and hang curtains on them. It looks amazing and really creates that canopy feel.

canopy bed

Another way you can go canopy-style is by simply draping curtains over the head of the bed, as in the elegant french-style bedroom pictured above.

Getting into the decorating mode? Here’s another no-sew DIY home decor on a budget project we found on Pinterest.

You can breathe new life into your tattered old pillows by using a fabric of your choice and this painlessly simple 4 step technique to transform your worn-out pillowcases!

diy pillowcase

  1. Cut a swath of fabric large enough to cover the whole pillow
  2. Lay the pillow on the fabric and fold it so that it meets halfway on the pillow
  3. Fold the ends into points, just like wrapping a present, and tie them in a knot
  4. Tuck the ends in and voila you’ve got a beautiful new pillow!

Last and most ingenious of all DIY projects is this magnet board. Having one place to post all your to-dos, pictures, mementos, and paraphernalia is a great way to get on top of that “get organized” New Year’s resolution once and for all.

Make a board just like this one by covering a cookie sheet with fabric and putting up some magnets…easy as pie!

cookie sheet magnet boards

Hope these ideas help get your creative brain whirring with loads of new ideas on how to refresh your house, your mind, and your life in 2016. Happy New Year!