5 Interior Design Blogs Even a Layman Should Follow!


We’re all a little obsessed with interior design to some degree. It’s the subtle art of embellishing our personal space to reflect our tastes and style: a true form of self-expression. The art of interior design has been a respected and integral art form throughout history, with different cultures developing their own “norms” and aesthetic tastes. In many cultures, interior design reflects the religious and metaphysical beliefs of the culture, such as the Japanese art of feng shui. By placing objects and accent pieces in strategic positions, we affect the energy of the room and in turn, the energy that flows within us. Whether you’re a skeptic or not, no one can deny the excitement and influence our home’s design has on our lives.

So, on that note, whether you’re redoing your whole home, one room, or just simply like to get inspired by the beautiful ideas of the masters, following an interior design blog is a great way to get your creative juices flowing. Almost every (successful) interior designer has a blog of some sort, whether in the form of a gallery, website, or social channel. But very few stay true-to-life, candid, accessible, AND inspiring. We’ve rounded up our favorite blogs that every interior design layman (or professional or student or enthusiast) can enjoy.

Don’t forget to bring your inspiration to action! Visit us at our online discount fabric showroom to take your stroke of design genius to the next level. Here are our top interior design blogs even a layman should follow.

1: Amber Interiors First, click into the site. Check out the soft whites, bright spaces, and subtle accents. For the crisp aesthetic alone, the blog is a subscription MUST.
interior design blog 1

2: Old Brand New Blogger Dabito shares exquisite photographs of happy rooms that sing with his signature style. Follow for a little bit of this and that about interior design, graphic, design, and priceless photography.

interior design blog 2

3: Coco Lapine Design Hello Coco! No, this has nothing to do with Chanel, but Ms. Lapine’s blog is full of rooms that tie together her Danish flair with industrial undertones. A perfect read with coffee and a baguette.

interior design blog 3

4: Lark and Linen Take a peek into the beautifully designed life of Jacquelyn Clark. Her style is so fresh and clean, while her posts about her daily life are quirky and just a fun read. Enjoy the non-stop ogling over her condo!

interior design blog 4

5: Style by Emily Henderson This is a personal favorite: Emily Henderson stole hearts when she won HGTV’s Design Star. Now she writes a blog full of eye-candy, shoppable stories, and her signature vibrancy. You’ll thank us for introducing you!

interior design blog 5

So those are our top 5 picks! Did you check them all out? Plan on subscribing to any? Let us know in the comments, then pay Barras Fabrics’ online store and get decorating!

Spotlight: The Duralee Mill

duralee fabricsIf you’re an interior design enthusiast, you’ve heard the name “Duralee”. The iconic mill is something of a buzzword amongst modern interior designers, synonymous with timeless patterns, infallible durability, and a beautiful, diverse collection of styles, prints, and materials.  Every designer, from high-end to local, has utilized a Duralee product at some point in their career, and nearly every sewing enthusiast you’ll come across prefers a solid Duralee fabric for their projects.  

And since Duralee’s primary focus is upholstery fabric, it’s no surprise that they expanded their company with the Duralee Furniture line, a broad collection of home furnishings that have taken the market by storm since 2003.

Duralee’s origin story is as richly-woven as the fabrics they peddle. The company was born from the blood, sweat, and tears of Lenny Silberman, a World War Two veteran whose “big break” into the industry was a $35/week, textile shipping clerk job. After attending night classes to expand his industry knowledge, he launched Duralee with two partners, Sig Rosenberger and Marshall Kutz, and rest is history!

Since it’s early days, Duralee has contracted a number of similarly iconic partnerships with luxurious textile designers, such as Highland Court, Baily and Griffin, DF Label, and more, further propelling Duralee to the forefront of the luxury textiles market. Hard to believe that this nationwide enterprise, now synonymous with high-end design and exclusivity, contracted with some of the greatest designers of our age, had grown from Lenny Silberman’s minuscule offices in post-war New York City!

In celebration of all that Duralee represents, we present a lineup of our favorite offerings from several of Duralee’s collections. Find these, and more magnificent textiles, on our online fabric store and envelop yourself in the timeless luxury of the wonderful brand.

Screenshot 2017-01-20 at 10.19.32 AM - Edited Screenshot 2017-01-20 at 10.19.32 AM - Edited (1) Screenshot 2017-01-20 at 10.19.32 AM - Edited (2)




See Full Lineup Here.

This article is based on a write-up on Duralee’s site, which can be found here. Thank you for choosing Barras Fabrics for all your discounted luxury fabric needs!

Unconventional Color Schemes: Living Room

You were never the typical homemaker. You could never settle for a brown n’ beige living room, and you shouldn’t have to! This room should be the space you feel comfortable, relaxed, and happy. If you can’t see yourself feeling that way on staring at peach walls, then you need this list of unconventional living room color schemes! What if you’re not looking to paint or redecorate now? No problem. Just throw in a couple of these bold colors into your current living space, and bask in the wonderful, colorful transformation!

1: Yellow and Pink. This color scheme is bright, happy, and fun, and will definitely drop some of your guest’s jaws. Want a room that looks sunny even on a cloudy day? Then this one’s for you.

Tour this entire home]

â’¸Veranda, 2013

2: Pea green and Magenta. This may seem like a little girl’s dream, but it’s the depth of the green you choose that determines how adult this color palette is.


â’¸Veranda, 2013

  1. Turquoise and Red. This color scheme manages to be loud while staying understated. Blue balances out the red perfectly, but be sure to throw in some white to keep it easy on the eyes!

â’¸Better Homes and Gardens, 2016

  1. Cerulean and Mustard Yellow. These color choices are not for the faint of heart, but the payoff is amazing. How great would this look in a small apartment? Like the crowning jewel!

â’¸Better Homes and Gardens, 2016

  1. Emerald and Teak. This bold green is fresh and bright-and anything but typical. With the teak accents, it has an urban-Amazon Rainforest feel.

â’¸Better Homes and Gardens, 2016

Now that you’ve chosen the color scheme that speaks to your creative side, it’s time to bring it into your living room! Browse an online fabric store to find the perfect material to reupholster your couch! Or, for a smaller statement, sew accent pillows (tutorial here) or find a bold lampshade or painting. Get as creative as you can, and enjoy the burst of color! Your living room will thank you!

Which of these color schemes speak to you the most? Think you’re gonna try one out? Let us know in the comments!