Top 5 Colors for Your Basement

Whether your home’s lowest rooms are a grungy Man Cave, spotless home office, or a child’s dream hideaway, one thing should not change: your basement must make up in style what it lacks in natural light!

Though basements are more prevalent in certain residential areas than others, they provide a great way to add square footage to your home. Many basements are reduced to simple storage rooms, coated in dust and only visited when absolutely necessary. Why not utilize the space that you already have to create rooms you love to be in?

The first step in your basement makeover should be making sure your basement is safe to use. Call in an inspector to check the electricity, plumbing, window seals, and (shudder) pest control. Once you have clearance on these fronts, it’s decorating time! You know we’re obsessed with color…The right hues transform any space from dark to delightful, drab to fab, and depressing to energizing!

We’re here to help you find the perfect color scheme for your underground abode. Here are our top 5 Basement Color Schemes for 2017, complete with a teaser swatch from our online discount fabric store to add some inspiration!

1: Pea Green.

Yes, you heard that right. Green adds a natural, calming hue to a space. And the grungy Pea green family is a refreshingly unique color that can be used from playroom to laundry room to game room.  pea green basementpea green swatch

2: Warm Woods and Whites.

Neutral colors help bring warmth, light, and airiness to an otherwise dank space. Natural materials look rich while staying clean and easily manageable. We see this scheme as a great starting point for a guest wing. warm woods and whites basement

warm wood white swatch

3: Orange.

Think the sunny color is too aggressive for a small space? Think again! This bright hue adds life, energy, and the illusion of broader space when done right. Be sure to choose a sherbet tone, not Parking-Cone orange. orange basement

orange swatch

4: Delicate Blue.

A soft, powdery blue bounces both natural sunlight and artificial bulb light off the walls, brightening up the space while staying reserved. Blue is a great backdrop for neutral furniture, deep leather, and/or pops of yellow and pink. light blue basement

blue swatch basement

5: Anything Goes!

Why stick to one color? Make your space come alive by mixing and matching all your favorite things into one place. Try different carpet swatches, whiteboard walls, and your child’s (or your own!) artwork on display for all to enjoy. The sky’s the limit!colorful basement

anything goes swatch

Feel like transforming your basement this month? Stay tuned for more home decor tips and tricks from Barras Fabrics!

Using Leftover Fabric: Check Out These DIYs!

Tired of throwing away all your extra fabric after a big reupholstering project?

We’ve all been there. Your order three extra yards of fabric from an online fabric store (“just in case”), and get left with more pink-polka-dotted cotton than you’ll ever need. Well, waste not, want not! By using the leftover fabric from your big projects for smaller DIY’s, you save money by using more of the fabric you already have, bring your color scheme to other parts of the room, and get to use up every last drop so nothing goes to waste. Win Win Win!

Here are some awesome DIY’s we found around the web, along with what fabrics we think would suit your project best!

 Framed Fabric

framed fabric

framed fabric 32




















@Apartment Therapy 2016.

How awesome does that look? Some prints are truly works of art: display them like Picassos! Just make sure not to hang the framed fabrics right near the couch you reupholstered in that print…that’s just cheesy. Buy cheap frames at an art store and get hangin’!

Here are some swatches that would look awesome hung on a wall:

Coral blue + Upstream:

   framed fabric swatch 2





framed fabric swatch one






Hang Fabric as Wallpaper

fabric wallpaper
















@Apartment Therapy 2016

This idea is pure genius. You’ll obviously need a bit more fabric to get this done, but the results are well worth it. Painting is messy and wallpaper is expensive! Hanging fabric on your walls is a perfect solution. This idea is also great for temporary apartments: don’t stick the fabric to the wall permanently: hang it, either from hooks or loose staples, on top of walls that you can’t ~officially~ do anything to.

Our recommended “wallpaper” picks:

Cowhide +  Ralph Lauren Surfrider:

fabric wallpaper swatch 1






wallpaper fabric swatch 2






Fabric Flowers

fabric flower 3











This DIY is perfect for when you have just a bit of extra fabric left. We can see these scattered on throw pillows, pinned on a corkboard, or even on the backs of your dining room chairs! Flowers are sweet, happy, and add a whimsical touch to any space. And great news: the more mismatched the fabrics that you use for this are, the more hipster it looks!

Here’s what we’re thinking:

Scroll Gate + Hot Stripe: 

fabric flowers swatch one






fabric flowers swatch two






So there you go! Some awesome ways to conserve extra fabric. Show us your DIY home fabric projects, and don’t forget to keep your stash stocked with decorative fabric from Barras Fabric’s online store!

What’s your favorite DIY from this list? Tried any? Let us know in the comments below!

Jazz Up Your Chairs! DIY Instructions:

44961826 - dining table is set for a holiday dinner

Love the refreshing thrill of redecorating but hate the strain on your wallet? There are a bunch of easy, pocket-friendly ways to revamp your space without going all-out. Want a super-impactful and super-cheap option? Reupholster your chairs! We mean ANY chairs, dining room chairs, outdoor chairs, folding chairs, ANYTHING! You’ll see: that simple pop of color screaming from your seats will breath fresh life into the room.

Here are the basics you’ll need to reupholster ANY chair. Once you have these materials and instructions, you can use the same method throughout.

The Tools:

  1. Any Chair ( This excludes folding chairs with plastic seats. That won’t work well)
  2. Fabric of your choice- order from an online fabric store and save on gas. We’re saving so much money already! You’ll probably need around 3 yards square.
  3. Fabric marker and scissors. We recommend these scissors and these markers.
  4. A staple gun. Try this one.

That’s it! You’re ready to start working the  reupholstering magic!

The Method:

  1. Remove/Flip Over : remove the seat from the chair (if you can). If the seat is unremovable, turn the chair over and attach your fabric to the extended edge.
  2. Cover and Staple : trace the shape of your seat onto your fabric of choice. Cut out the shape, leaving an 1 ½ “ of fabric around the border of the seat. Staple the fabric to the underside of the seat, making sure the visible area of the seat is fully covered.
  3. Trim the Edges and Replace! I’s very likely there’ll be lots of excess material around the seat. Trim it down and replace the seat onto the frame.

How great does that look?! Coordinate your fabric of choice with the color scheme of your room for a monochromatic look, or insert a bright zap of color to liven up the space!

Here are some materials we recommend for chairs that STAND out:

Make It Rain:



























Let us know in the comments below how YOUR Reupholstering Project went!


Top 6 Kid’s Room Color Schemes


Redecorating your home? A pleasure. Redecorating with kids? A migraine waiting to happen.  Many fights and tears can be avoided if you make sure to settle on a color scheme that satisfies both Mom and her favorite little designer-to-be! Here is our list of the top Six combos designers turn to when creating color schemes for kids that will satisfy, inspire, and, most importantly, stay timeless.

navy and orange

Navy blue, White, and splashes of Orange (Boys): this nautical theme gets a revamp with happy focus points of sunny orange. Create funky accent pillows using decorative fabric here.

camel and navy
Camel, Chocolate Brown, and punches of Navy Blue (Boys): a more rustic, even-toned palette with subtle masculine tones. Keep the navy theme going with home-made fabric curtains.  

pink and aqua

Pale Pink, Creamy White and Aqua (Girls): though approaching typicality with pinky tones, a pop of aqua and a warm, soft white help keep the space easy on the eyes and age appropriate.

rasperry and grey bedroom

Raspberry and Grey (Girls): this combo strikes a great balance between funky and sophisticated. Throw a faux-fur throw on the bed and watch the room transform!

wheat nursury

Soft Wheat (Gender Neutral): keeping a room gender-neutral is a great choice. Firstly, it does away with typical gender roles, and secondly, the room can be utilized in myriads of ways.

green and gold nursury

Greens and Golds (Gender Neutral): a breathtaking mix of natural and glitzy, combining these seemingly opposite hues yields breathtaking results.

Many decorators advise against choosing a very bright gender-specific color.  As much as mom wants to think her baby will love giant pink flowers and bright neon colors forever, it’s important to remember that your little princess will grow up, and may not want to bring her teenage friends in to “hang” in her bubble-gum pink bedroom.  Many designers suggest painting three of the walls a neutral color, such as white or gray, and choosing one ‘accent wall’ to go a little crazy with and decorate however you choose.  This will bring a sophisticated vibe to the space and will save you money should you decide to revamp the space later on. A win-win!

Happy Decorating!

Let us know in the comments below which color scheme is your favorite! Which combo are you itching to try?

Meet Yellow, The Color Of Optimism

60642166 - bright living room with striped throw rug, pai. 3d rendering.

Of all the colors of the rainbow, yellow is certainly the brightest and most attention-grabbing. When a glimmer of yellow catches our eye, we are reminded of warmth, sunshine, and other positive associations. It is no wonder that yellow represents hope and optimism. However, depending upon the tone of yellow and the other colors it is surrounded by, yellow can bring up many negative feelings as well, like jealousy or low self esteem. Used properly, though, the color yellow is associated with feelings of creativity, vibrancy, and happiness.

Colors elicit different responses in different people. For example, many graphic designers and marketers use color in a logo or advertisement as a way to create a certain emotional reaction from their audience. These experts understand that the audience’s response to the color will vary depending on factors such as age, nationality, and past experiences and associations. McDonald’s, for example, has successfully created a positive association between the “golden arches” and a sense of happiness.

Splashes of yellow in your clothing and decor can have a definite positive effect on your mood when incorporated properly. Take your time in finding the shade of yellow that feels right to you, and with what other colors. Once you find your perfect hue, infuse the color where you need it most. Because yellow is associated with creativity, an office space or other work area is an ideal focus for a yellow color scheme. Subtle highlights, such as a vase of sunflowers or DIY curtains made from yellow home decor fabric, will go a long way in reaping the psychological benefits of the color.

If you’re looking for more ways to brighten your home or office with yellow patterns and prints, browse the inventory of decorative fabrics online at Barras Fabrics to get inspired.

Colors for the Kitchen

When it comes to home decor, colors come in many parts. You have your permanent colors, like the ones you paint the walls, and then you have your accent colors that complement the permanent colors. Fabrics will serve as the accent color in this situation, but it’s important to consider all aspects of color before creating a space.

One consideration that is often overlooked when choosing a particular color in a home is what type of emotional impact the color will have on the environment. Setting the tone emotion-wise is just as important as choosing the right ingredients in a meal. The mixture you use is the difference between nourishment and lack thereof. Let your color choices be a feast for your eyes, creating harmony in place of a disorderly mess of colors you simply enjoy- and what better place to feast on the right colors than in the kitchen?

A kitchen can take on many functions depending on the person. An avid chef is going to desire different colors than an avid orderer. If you cook often, consider red, orange and yellow tones for spicy colors that relate to food. If you are more interested in creating an atmosphere that requires less “doing,” choose more serene colors like green, blue and violet. These colors create a calm and fresh tone to the room.

The fabric colors you use in a room are going to be the accent pieces to the wall, cabinet, countertop and even appliance color. Typically, you are going to use fabrics for blinds or tablecloths and in most cases, this will be your chance to create a bold vibe to the space with prints. For a tablecloth, mix up the color scheme and use a fabric like the one below in a kitchen with yellow, red or orange. Use the print to balance the solid colored walls.

spiro-river fasil-blue

When picking, mixing and matching colors, remember that color tones play a huge role in the process. Warm tones are much different than vibrant tones. Are you looking for a wake up call or a calm, slow cooking feel? Pick out your favorite fabrics while also picking out paint colors and you will have the perfect basis to a beautiful kitchen.

The Many Uses for Indoor Outdoor Fabrics

Taking care of a home is no easy task. No matter how much you clean, it seems to end up dirty sooner than you’d like. Being that this is the case, it’s okay to cut corners sometimes. Selecting an indoor outdoor fabric for your home is one way to achieve this. The fabric is extra durable and resistant to stains. While you may think that this fabric won’t look nice in the home because of its outdoor label, it is hard to distinguish over traditional indoor fabrics.

Indoor outdoor fabrics are made of synthetic fibers like acrylic and polyolefin. They’re not dyed like conventional fabric. In fact, UV-resistant pigments are mixed in before the fabric becomes a fiber. The fiber is then solution dyed, which is the process of cutting baling, blending and spinning the fiber into yarn and woven into fabric. The process makes the fabric resistant to color rub off.

Indoor outdoor fabrics can be used in any part of the house that is prone to messes. Some great spots include kitchen and dining room chairs or even the living room couch to protect from snacking stains while watching TV. Another great use is for pet beds, due to the tight weave of the fabric. We can’t guarantee that the fabric will hold up to teeth and claws, but it’s a better bet than traditional indoor fabric.

Remember that, even though this fabric is very durable, it is still susceptible to wear and tear as accidents can always occur. If you are using the fabric outside, it can fade over time from being out in the sunlight too long. To keep the fabric clean, be sure to brush off dirt and crumbs so as not to embed them into the fabric. Also be aware that even though the fabric is spill resistant, you’ll have to blot the spills as soon as they occur. Letting spills sit will stain the fabric. Once cleaned, you can air dry the fabric.

You can use indoor outdoor fabrics on chair pads, cushions, toss pillows, slipcovers, upholstery, and more. Be creative and view all of our decorative fabrics for ideas on how to use indoor outdoor fabric in your home.

Fabric as a Work of Art

Sometimes we’re so busy planning out the decor in our homes that we forget to stop and admire our efforts as a work of art. Like art itself, the fabrics we use are created out of inspirations that arise from everyday life. Some are even taken from the art world itself, like these fabrics, which resemble the drip painting technique.

barras 3 barras








As the name implies, drip painting is a painting style in which the painter drips paint onto a canvas to evoke an emotion using a particular color pattern. Like fabrics, this particular art form relies on the usage of color to get its message across. Famous drip painter, Jackson Pollock used house paints to fill his canvas, as the paint is lighter than oil paint. This gave him the opportunity to use large amounts of paint at once.

What makes drip painting so exciting, is that anyone can be a drip painter if they are willing to explore the technique. Instead of stopping at a paintbrush, Pollock used items like sticks, hardened brushes and basting syringes to create his works of art.

If you’re looking for a great project to do with the kids, drip painting is fun to do outside in the grass, where making a mess is completely forgivable. Simple children’s acrylic paint will do the trick, as the paint is already thin enough to work with. Have them lay the canvases on the grass and drip the paint as they stand over the canvas. Even though they are simply dripping paint on a canvas, the colors and methods they use will surely evoke their emotion at the time.   

Pair their finished work of art in a room with one of our drip inspired discount fabrics to create an artistic feeling. Plus, the kids will receive the satisfaction of seeing their artwork displayed in a special place.

Frame Fabric for Fabulous Home Decor

Looking to splash some color in and around your home without actually buying art?

Home DecorPurchasing art prints or other framed pieces for the sole purpose of adding some color to your home decor can be very expensive. A similar effect can be felt buy simply making your own “art” and adorning your home with it. This does not mean you need to understand the intricacies of art and painting, it merely means you need to get creative.

By purchasing some inexpensive frames from a local closeout store you can be on your way. Then take leftover scraps of decorative fabric from previous projects and fill the frames with the fabrics. You can mix and match fabrics in some cases or simply let the patterns and colors stand on their own.

Our online fabric store is loaded with colorful and stylish fabric options. By framing these patterns you will make pieces that can improve the decor and style of your home with very little work or foresight.