Fabric as a Work of Art

Sometimes we’re so busy planning out the decor in our homes that we forget to stop and admire our efforts as a work of art. Like art itself, the fabrics we use are created out of inspirations that arise from everyday life. Some are even taken from the art world itself, like these fabrics, which resemble the drip painting technique.

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As the name implies, drip painting is a painting style in which the painter drips paint onto a canvas to evoke an emotion using a particular color pattern. Like fabrics, this particular art form relies on the usage of color to get its message across. Famous drip painter, Jackson Pollock used house paints to fill his canvas, as the paint is lighter than oil paint. This gave him the opportunity to use large amounts of paint at once.

What makes drip painting so exciting, is that anyone can be a drip painter if they are willing to explore the technique. Instead of stopping at a paintbrush, Pollock used items like sticks, hardened brushes and basting syringes to create his works of art.

If you’re looking for a great project to do with the kids, drip painting is fun to do outside in the grass, where making a mess is completely forgivable. Simple children’s acrylic paint will do the trick, as the paint is already thin enough to work with. Have them lay the canvases on the grass and drip the paint as they stand over the canvas. Even though they are simply dripping paint on a canvas, the colors and methods they use will surely evoke their emotion at the time.   

Pair their finished work of art in a room with one of our drip inspired discount fabrics to create an artistic feeling. Plus, the kids will receive the satisfaction of seeing their artwork displayed in a special place.

Fabric Wallpapers: Creating The Custom Walls of Your Dreams!


Your home’s walls are your chance to inject your personality into your home’s interior decor. They’re also the perfect opportunity for each of your family members to get a say in the look of their personal space. Unfortunately for many families, wallpaper can be expensive to buy and install, and doesn’t easily lend itself to mixing and matching. Creating fabric wallpapers from decorative fabric, however, allows you to do exactly that. Whether you’re looking to wallpaper your kids’ doors to give them a sense of ownership over their space or have some nooks and crannies that could use a jolt of personality, shopping an online fabric store for your favorite fabrics and converting them into wallpaper gives you unlimited decorating freedom at a price that can’t be argued with. Here are some ideas for fabric wallpapering.

Top Two Fabric Wallpapering Ideas:

  • Doorways: Doors are the often neglected white space of a home. Rarely addressed in home decor planning, these spaces provide the perfect canvas for small pops of personality. Browse an online fabric store with your kids and let them pick out a pattern for their door. Create a color blocking scheme for visitors to see when they walk past your closed doors. Wallpapering your home’s doors with fabric is easy, inexpensive, and a fun family project that turns a white, drab space into a fun opportunity for design.
  • Closets: Another often overlooked opportunity for design, picking your favorite fabric and converting it into wallpaper to line inside of your closet turns creates fun, friendly space to hang your clothes and choose your daily wardrobe. Brighten your closet and instantly start your day on a brighter foot.

These are just two of our favorite ideas. In reality, fabric wallpaper can work for everything from bedroom walls to window sill ledges and are less expensive and easier to install than your traditional wallpapering techniques. For a quick tutorial on how to wallpaper using decorative fabric, visit one of the popular home design DIY tutorial sites. Our personal favorite? HGTV! Check out their incredibly easy tutorial and then visit our site to choose your favorite pattern and get started.

Throes, Head-Wraps and More!

FabricA small piece of decorative fabric can do so much. It can become a scarf or a head-wrap, it can be a pocket square or throe. In each case it just takes a little bit of trimming, perhaps some light sewing, but more importantly than anything it requires the foresight to see that the piece of fabric could be fashionable.

For people who lack that kind of fashion forward foresight the presence of hundreds of colors and patterns of fabric available from our online fabric store offers a lot of opportunities to get it right. By adding one of these small elements you can brighten up an outfit for the spring or just add a little extra warmth as things cool down in the evening.

If you are in the market for some fashionable accessories perhaps a few yards of some of our amazing fabrics is just what you need! Shop around today to find the perfect pattern for you or buy several for amazing mixing and matching options!