Top 5 Colors for Your Basement

Whether your home’s lowest rooms are a grungy Man Cave, spotless home office, or a child’s dream hideaway, one thing should not change: your basement must make up in style what it lacks in natural light!

Though basements are more prevalent in certain residential areas than others, they provide a great way to add square footage to your home. Many basements are reduced to simple storage rooms, coated in dust and only visited when absolutely necessary. Why not utilize the space that you already have to create rooms you love to be in?

The first step in your basement makeover should be making sure your basement is safe to use. Call in an inspector to check the electricity, plumbing, window seals, and (shudder) pest control. Once you have clearance on these fronts, it’s decorating time! You know we’re obsessed with color…The right hues transform any space from dark to delightful, drab to fab, and depressing to energizing!

We’re here to help you find the perfect color scheme for your underground abode. Here are our top 5 Basement Color Schemes for 2017, complete with a teaser swatch from our online discount fabric store to add some inspiration!

1: Pea Green.

Yes, you heard that right. Green adds a natural, calming hue to a space. And the grungy Pea green family is a refreshingly unique color that can be used from playroom to laundry room to game room.  pea green basementpea green swatch

2: Warm Woods and Whites.

Neutral colors help bring warmth, light, and airiness to an otherwise dank space. Natural materials look rich while staying clean and easily manageable. We see this scheme as a great starting point for a guest wing. warm woods and whites basement

warm wood white swatch

3: Orange.

Think the sunny color is too aggressive for a small space? Think again! This bright hue adds life, energy, and the illusion of broader space when done right. Be sure to choose a sherbet tone, not Parking-Cone orange. orange basement

orange swatch

4: Delicate Blue.

A soft, powdery blue bounces both natural sunlight and artificial bulb light off the walls, brightening up the space while staying reserved. Blue is a great backdrop for neutral furniture, deep leather, and/or pops of yellow and pink. light blue basement

blue swatch basement

5: Anything Goes!

Why stick to one color? Make your space come alive by mixing and matching all your favorite things into one place. Try different carpet swatches, whiteboard walls, and your child’s (or your own!) artwork on display for all to enjoy. The sky’s the limit!colorful basement

anything goes swatch

Feel like transforming your basement this month? Stay tuned for more home decor tips and tricks from Barras Fabrics!

Happy Holidays! Here’s some Festive DIYs!

Happy Holidays from Barras Fabrics!

We can’t wait to gather round the tree, breath in the warm and spicy smells, and of course, unwrap our growing mound of presents. Something about the holiday season seems to make the simplest things, like cookies, flannel pj’s, and cartoons, seem magical. Your home (or apartments or dorm room) is like your little corner of the world: why not dress it up for the holidays this year? Give your space the Christmas treatment with these festive DIY’s, curated from the top bloggers on the web…plus our recommendations for the most festive discount fabrics to finish the look!

This DIY Stocking from Amy Smart’s Diary of a Quilter is super easy to follow:

diy stockings amy smart

Find it HERE.

Here’s the festive fabric we think would work great:

Full Circle

Highland Check

Polka Dot

Save time, money AND the environment by exploring the Japanese art of “Furoshiki”, or fabric gift wrapping. Read this DIY now.

tree hugger fabric wrapping

Here’s some awesome fabric perfectly suited for wrapping your gifts Furoshiki style!

Deck Stripe


Freddie Rocker

And last but not least, how magnificent is the Fabric Wreath? You can use up all your spare fabric to create this one-of-a-kind masterpiece.Learn How Here.

fabric wreath

We can’t wait to share another incredible year with you here at Barras Fabrics!

Happy Crafting, and a happy new year!