Summer Fabrics Catalog: Reupholster and revamp!

It’s time to bring some of that summer lovin’ to your living space. The easiest way to add pops of color to your home (without a massive, costly, and messy paint job) is to throw around some happy fabrics that bring a smile to your face.

From pillows to accent tables to framed fabrics, it’s easy to add bright spot in any room! See our blogs for some amazing home decor ideas, like a beach-inspired bedroom, on-point color schemes for basements, and more summer-inspired accents.

For part two of our catalog, we’re highlighting our favorite warm-weather wonders from our upholstery collection. Some of these fabrics are indoor/outdoor, meaning it looks just as great on your patio as it does in your living room! Look out for a * symbol next to the fabric name to see if that material is indoor/outdoor.

Once you’ve found your dream summertime fabric, it’s as easy as point-click-buy to get it to your home in a week or so. Just click the fabric you like and you’ll be taken to our discount online fabric store. We’d love to serve you for all your luxury fabric needs!

Without further ado, here’s our top picks for our summer fabrics catalog: upholstery edition!

Trellis in Pool*

Trellis in Pool*

Hillstone in Pimento*

Hillstone in Pimento*

Swaying Palm in Aloe*

Swaying Palm in Aloe*

Boxed In in Carribbean

Boxed In in Caribbean*

ODL Silsila in Lawn*

ODL Silsila in Lawn*

Dapper in Peacock

Dapper in Peacock

Marin in Peony

Marin in Peony

Flow in Hollycock

Flow in Hollycock

Locked in Papaya

Locked in Papaya

Marin in Cloud

How To Create Gorgeous Embroidery Hoops For Any Occasion

21230775 - closeup of embroidery hoops with heart on fabric in workshop

Unless you’re an embroidery enthusiast, embroidery hoops might not immediately jump to mind when considering home decorating ideas. Still, these gorgeous decorative pieces are relatively easy to make and serve so many more purposes than one might expect, whether you’re looking for a unique way to decorate your little one’s nursery, add a touch of homemade love to your bedroom, or cozy up a kitchen. Even college students looking to add a dose of home to their dorm rooms will love mounting these hoops to their walls and thinking of home. The Internet abounds with easy, straightforward directions for creating these decorative pieces. Below, we outline the steps for creating an embroidery hoop for your nursery. Review the steps, decide upon your color scheme, visit a discount fabric retailer, and then get started!

Creating an Embroidery Hoop for Your Nursery:

  1. Buy Materials: To create this look, you will need a small, medium, and large wooden embroidery hoop, nails and a hammer, glue, scissors, and three types of home decor fabric.
  2. Create Each Hoop: Take the wooden hoop (which will pull apart easily) and pull the two pieces apart so you have an exterior hoop and an interior hoop to work with. Choose the fabric for the hoop you are creating and cover the outside of the interior hoop with fabric glue. Once the glue is in place, take your fabric and lay it over the hoop. Then, take the exterior hoop and place it over the interior one so you are pressing the fabric down over the glue (be sure to loosen the screw at the top of the hoop before doing so). Use your fingers to pull the fabric through so it isn’t loose. When finished, tighten the screw and then turn the hoop over to trim off any extra fabric.
  3. Repeat for Each Size: Repeat the above process for each size hoop in a coordinating pattern. Then hang above the crib with your nails and hammer.

To watch a video outlining the process, visit Domestic Felicity’s YouTube channel. Once you’ve gotten the hang of the technique you can create an endless number of embroidery hoops in record time. To add an extra dose of personality and coziness, substitute a favorite blanket from your childhood for fabric and create an extra personalized hoop for your little one. Visit Barras Fabrics for an extensive inventory of decorative fabrics at 

DIY Project: Upholster a Chair

Every year, the fashion industry brings in new colors for us to fall in love with all over again. This year has been a time of bright, yet calming tones that call for us to escape the bustle of everyday life and relax with all that is whirling around us. Think colors like this pallete of turquoise, red and yellow.







The best thing about new hues is that we’re called to make some changes of our own around the home. Why not liven the place up with this DIY project that will have you ditching your old dining room chairs for something a little more funky.

Stapling the fabric around the seat after the cushion has been glued on.

Staples are placed around the seat after the cushion has been glued on.

As long as you have a couple of sturdy chairs, you’ll find this project to be quite simple. You’ll start by unscrewing the seat from your chair and adhering a piece of foam to fit the form of the seat. Next you’ll want to select your fabric. You can find something in our extensive collection at Cut enough so that you can wrap the fabric around the chair and begin to staple along the length and width. When you’re done with that, you’ll have to fold up the corners neatly and staple that down. Once you’re done, you’re ready to put the seat back on your chair.

The finished product!

The finished product!

For a more detailed explaination and step by step pictures, you can see how Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous® updated her chair.

Don’t forget to shop some of our sale items for an even better deal on your project.


Flower Power Fabrics

Floral prints have been around for ages, going in and out of style as frequently as the seasons come and go. They’re so tried and true that to some, flowers may seem, well, kind of old-fashioned, outdated even. But there’s more than one way to add flower power to a room than purchasing a quaint antiquated floral rug like the one your grandmother has covering her living room floor, or a french-style armchair upholstered in faded rose-print.

Flowers done right can be a modern update to any room. They can add a burst of summer to a drab room. Incorporate some floral into your decor by making some DIY curtains, upholstering your sofa with one of our gorgeous fabrics, or papering your walls with a colorful print.

Here are some of‘s favorite floral picks:

Groovy Baby fabric

Groovy Baby

Spring Bling fabric

Spring Bling

Miranda fabric


Gloria fabric


Amelia fabric


Aurora fabric


Portobello Vase fabric

Portobello Vase

Fabric for Classrooms!

Online Fabric StoreMany teachers are still lounging on the beach making the most of their precious summer vacations. They have an important job from September through June so they deserve the chance to unwind. Teachers also deserve to get bang for their buck when they decide to do nice things like decorate their classrooms for the new school year.

Our online fabric store has great supplies that are perfect for making your classroom brighter this fall. By wrapping the bulletin board in some stylish fabric print you can turn the classroom into a more vibrant and alive space. We have nifty owl prints or options that are just bold autumnal shades.

The discount fabrics we have can also be great arts & crafts supplies for young kids just acclimating to the school day. For kindergarten and pre-K teachers the quiet arts section of class offers a great opportunity to engage and connect with students. It also gives you a sense of where these kids are evolving to.

Fabric Trends for Fall 2015

Fall FabricsA look at color trends for 2015’s most fashionable fall clothing reveals a veritable cornucopia of stylish options. For the most creative among us this offers a chance to put some of our favorite discount fabrics to work updating old outfits and creating entirely new clothes.

Here are some of the best options this fall:

  • Cadmium Orange: The 1970’s looms large over modern fashion. As a result the distinct flare of Cadmium Orange is an integral color to every fashionista. It also feels very in tune with the autumn’s traditional seasonal pallet.
  • Classic Red: Another old school autumn classic that is big in the upcoming season are reds. Jonathan Saunders and Alexander McQueen, giants in the fashion world, have both included these colors in their fall collections. Reds can sometimes be associated with fire and passion but there is also the coziness of fall apple picking associated with the shade.
  • Marsala: Named the Pantone color of the year for 2015 this hue, which is practically a mustard, also fits in with a traditional sense of fall fashion. It also offers a unique visual flavor that is practically unmatched on the color spectrum.
  • Stormy Weather: Grays can feel safe and neutral for people afraid of taking fashion risks but this fall many designers are incorporating a stormy weather hue in their best and boldest designs. Perhaps you should too!
  • Cashmere Rose: A soft pink is not the first thing you think of when planning a fall wardrobe but it can cut a great contrast with the other shades on this list. It offers a great option to anyone afraid of blending in too much.

Variations on these colors can be searched by looking up the root colors in each at our online fabric store!

Wrap Gifts with Decorative Fabric

Decorative FabricStill wrapping gifts in lousy wrapping paper bought in a rush at the local general store? This holiday season you can spruce up your gift wrapping game by using something way better and more durable than flimsy wrapping paper. Decorative fabric makes for a new and exciting way to wrap your gifts. They will look more decorative under the tree and will leave a lasting impression on your gift’s recipient.

The best wrapping paper can cost a small fortune, especially during the holidays when you are wrapping a number of gifts. By contrast the discount fabrics available from our site are an affordable alternative that adds real value to your gift giving experience. Whatever you buy will standout more with the adornment of some beautifully patterned and colorful fabric.

Wrapping with fabric is in many ways easier than using paper thanks to just how easy it is to fold and manipulate the material. Use tape to seal the fabric to the package or use thin strips of other fabric to create a beautiful ribbon around the package. Everyone will be thrilled with their decoratively wrapped package.

Homemade Costumes, Better Than You’d Find At the Store

Discount FabricsThis year’s biggest summer blockbuster was definitely Guardians of the Galaxy. The sci-fi/comic book movie captured the imagination of moviegoers of all ages but kids in particular seem taken by the film. In some ways the rage around the movie is not dissimilar to previous generation’s love of Star Wars, Star Trek, and other action packed film franchises. As Halloween approaches that means a lot of kids will be trying to dress up as Groot, Star Lord, and Rocket Raccoon.

You can make a lot of these costumes using some ingenuity and some discount fabrics. Rocket Raccoon is particularly friendly to handcrafting via some well chosen fabric. You simply make a raccoon costume like the one shown here and add the appropriate clothing.

Making your own Halloween costumes is a better money saving plan than ever before. These days there is a wide variety of Halloween costumes available from retail outfits but almost all of them are troublingly pricey. Our online fabric store and its selection of easy to work with fabric is a great antidote to these expensive store bought costumes.

Decorative Fabric Gift Wrapping?

Home FabricsWasteful, garish, and environmentally unsound, wrapping paper is all of the above. One thing it is most definitely not is practical. While some have developed an expertise in making gifts into perfectly presentable pieces of art, there is something depressing about just how quickly opening that gift can turn your work into useless scraps of disposable garbage.

We’ve hatched an idea here at Barras Fabrics. Wrap your gifts in decorative fabric for a better look and a superior experience. The added bonus of wrapping your gift in a sizable swatch of home fabric is suddenly your wrapping is no longer trash. That piece of fabric can become a decorative throe or a stylish kerchief. You might even find the recipient of your gift getting more creative and creating something wholly new out of the piece of fabric.

Looking for new ways to do the same old things is an important way to conserve and innovate. We think some more stylish and more reusable gift wrapping is just one fun idea.

Accessorizing Your Home with Home Fabrics

Online Fabric StoreRecently we have discussed accessorizing with discount fabrics as well as enhancing your home decor with these fabrics. This week we thought we would take a surprising route and discuss accessorizing your home’s decor.

Using home fabric to enhance your decor is not all about tablecloths and drapes. Smaller flourishes can go an incredibly long way. From stylish arm covers on your favorite recliner to purposefully placed ribbons on different fixtures and elements of your home. With a wide array of different colors and patterns available you can turn your home into a truly unique space simply by adding a few small elements to the space’s look.

With the autumn fast approaching now is a great time to consider a new look for all of the rooms in your home. From specially made throes for fixtures in your restroom and living room alike to unique adornments for the front door or back patio, there are a wealth of options available right this minute from Barras Fabrics’ online fabric store.

Come visit our site and open your mind up to the wide array of possibilities available from Barras Fabrics!