Color Psychology: Orange You Glad?

Yeah, yeah, cheesy working title, but thinking about orange just gets us giddy. This insanely cheerful color may invoke some Halloween-esque feelings, but decor wise, it’s super en vogue. We’re seeing it thrown everywhere, from accent pillows, to headboards, to little girl’s bedrooms. The color’s gender neutrality is definitely one of its greatest strengths!

Here’s what most color psychologists have concluded about the feelings this bright hue invokes:

Positive Traits of Orange:

  • Positivity
  • Sociable
  • Optimistic
  • Enthusiastic
  • Eye-catching
  • Informal

Negative Traits:

  • Superficiality
  • Overbearing
  • Exhibitionism
  • Egotism
  • Insincerity

Orange, as everyone knows, is a mix of yellow and red, balancing cheerfulness with intensity to bring you the best of both traits. Ironically, most likely due to its associations with Halloween, orange is often thought of as a cartoonish, vulgar color. Don’t let this scare you from using it around your home and in your wardrobe! A bold orange bag is exactly what this season calls for. Ready to turn some heads?

Here are our favorite orange swatches from our online discount fabric store. Happy browsing!

1: Neddick/Fresco in Orange Pop

BARRAS orange 1









2: Deck Stripe in Orange

barras orange 2









3: Sundeck in Orange

barras orange 5









4: ODL Fish in Orange

barras orange 4









5: Capri in Orange

barras orange capri

Color Psychology: The Color Purple

purple cloud









When we say purple, you think…

Princesses? Wine? Royalty? Maybe the timeless movie starring Oprah? We doubt you’re thinking spirituality.

But purple and violet are famously known to represent the internal harmony between body and soul. Purple is comprised of red and blue hues, red representing the physical, blue the spiritual. This is why purple is hailed as the union between our physical and spiritual energies.

If all that’s too meta for you, you can just admire purple for it’s easy-on-the-eyes femininity and daydream-like quality.

Purple is also associated with royalty: it’s depth and richness stir up feelings of power and awe. Violet, a purple derivative, is the color of humanitarianism, selflessness, humility, and wisdom. There are countless positive associations with the gorgeous hue, but purple has its “dark side”: it’s been associated with immaturity, being impractical, cynicism, arrogance, and fraud. So yes, purple strikes a real balancing act.

Let’s talk home decor. You may think violet is reserved for strictly for your little girl’s bedroom, but take a second look. The use of purple elements, in shades ranging from deep eggplant to sugary lilac, has been slowly gaining a cult following among designers. Just check out this gallery of stunning purple home decor: the inspiration never stops.
purple blog 1

The real beauty of purple lies in its unique, chameleon-like quality to encompass all sides of the color spectrum: from deep and mature  to lighthearted and playful, purple does it all with grace and charm. Purple carries whole rooms: go crazy with a bold purple chaise, popstar-violet wallpaper, or subtle touches of aubergine to add sophistication to a space.

Check out these violet variations from our purple collection of discount luxury fabrics:


purple blog 2








Charlotte Square:

purple blog 3










purple blog 4








So are you ready to add some synergy to your home? Merge your materialistic and spiritual sides with some bold pops of purple. Tell us about your purple journey in the comments below, and be sure to check out the Barras Fabrics blog for more color psychology!


Color Psychology- We’re Seeing Red

red santa capture

Can you tell we’ve got the holiday spirit?

The color red is iconically Christmas, invoking those warm, bright, cozy feelings of the holiday season. Twinkling lights, fuzzy blankets, and ugly sweaters feature this spicy hue, adding to our positive associations with the fiery color. Red is equated with love, lust, and positive energy, but has a dark side we’re usually not conscious of.

The color red is associated with the more animalistic side of human emotions. In fact, pink is really the most representative color of love, while red expresses lust and desire. The underlying reason for this is red is the complement of human physicality: blood, flesh, and physical movement, as opposed to soft pink which is representative of the emotional side of love.

So here’s the semi-frightening news: Red’s animalistic undercurrents stimulate us in ways we’re not even consciously aware of.

Studies have shown that students performed poorer on tests printed in red ink. Red hues can stimulate anger, agitation, and hot-headedness, causing our hearts to race faster and our minds to lose focus. The color red is often coupled with feelings of revenge, despair, and illicit passion, which ties back to its association with base human physicality and desire.

In American culture, red is the focal color of countless cultural icons: the holidays, Target, Coke (Coke, incidentally, invented Santa Claus and red’s primary role in holiday celebrations…learn more here) But surprisingly, red hues have great spiritual significance in Eastern culture: In China, brides wear red, as the color represents purity…who knew?

From a design standpoint, how can we channel the positive evocations of red in our everyday spaces? Don’t shy away from boldness! When used in moderation, red will enliven your space, get you fired up, and stay timelessly chic (think Laboutin!). Try a glossy red door, a plump, red accent chair, decorative fabric in rust shades, or even a red ceiling to draw the eye up and add a touch of whimsy!

Here are some swatches to inspire your home’s Red Revolution!

Coral Crazecoral craze


Reel It Inreel it in





Are you ready to add some stimulating red to your space? Tell us your plans in the comments below!

Color Psychology: Pretty in Pink








On Wednesdays, we wear pink.

Trust the Mean Girls on this: Pink is fun, light, fabulous, and anything but sickly-sweet! Pink represents caring, compassion, love, and nurturing. It combines the fiery passion of red with calming, soothing white. Though often perceived as a feminine color, this Pink Perception is entire false. First of all, up until about fifty years ago, pink was the representative color of boyhood in Europe, while soft blue was the indicative feminine color! Pink was considered energetic and loud, like little boys, while calming, subdued blue was more girlish and sweet. Thanks both to blooming gender equality and the loosening of typecasting in today’s society, the rainbow has been freed! Every color is ours to enjoy.

But back to pink. Time to psychoanalyze your friend’s dressing habits! As pink represents nurturing, giving, and TLC, if you see your buddy wearing pink disproportionately often, offer them a shoulder to cry on or a fun night out. They may be projecting the lack of these qualities in their life outward, and could really use your attention! Or maybe they just like pink…and who can blame them?

Pink represents the sweetness and innocence of childhood, while, almost paradoxically, has a super-loud, funky vibe. Remember the hot-pink 80’s legwarmers? However, things are not all rosy and sweet. Pink is also associated with being weak physically, emotionally volatile, immature, and a lack of self-worth. But all with a grain of salt,people: don’t offer to sponsor therapy for your Salmon-wearing boyfriend.

For our interests, pink is a fabulous color for home decor. And not just for your daughter’s bedroom! Try a funky rose-pink decorative fabric shade to liven up an all-black dining room.



Reupholster your favorite outdoor chaise or dining room chair with this loud-but-classy Rippled Poly print. (More on that in the coming weeks!).


And how gorgeous is this Peony Upholstery for your next favorite home decor fabric?


We’re seriously crushing on pink as the freshest, hottest color of the month. Don’t wait till the summer to enjoy the sweet and spicy vibe pink can bring into your life!

How do YOU bring the zing of pink into your wardrobe, home, and lifestyle? Tell us in the comments!

Color Psychology-Invigorating Green

31013750 - sunny day in summer park Whether you think summer camp fields, the forest behind your house, or the ivy on your building’s wall, the color green usually instills a sense of calm, balance, and harmony with nature.

Green is actually one of the world’s favorite colors, second only to blue. As the most common color found in nature, green at its essence is a fresh, invigorating hue that symbolizes rebirth, revitalization, and balance.

Green has great significance in many cultures and countries. Green is a sacred color in Iran, where it symbolizes paradise. As Ireland’s emblematic color, green represents its lush hillsides, as well as Ireland’s chief saint, St. Patrick. Green is famously  sacred color of Islam, representing respect and the prophet Muhammad. In Japan, green is the color of eternal life.

Our bodies react to colors we are exposed to, as certain hues stimulate different parts of the brain. When we rest our eyes on a green wall or fabric, our pituitary glands expand. Our muscles grow more relaxed, and our blood histamine levels go up, leading to dilated blood vessels and smooth muscle contractions. In other words, green invigorates the body, while simultaneously calming our muscles and joints.

Green is also known to be highly stress- relieving. Think of a place where you constantly find your blood pressure rising, like your office or your in-laws home. Add a touch of green to the room and focus your attention on that spot when your feel your ire rising. Some ideas:  a potted succulent (send it as a gift!), a green vase, or even a soft green mousepad.

For those who live in  highly commercial areas, incorporating green tones in your home can help bring a more natural feel to your space. A soft green window shade, bold olive couch, or bright lime accent pillow (see last week’s blog for accent pillow how-to’s!) can give any room the perfect dose of green using home decor fabric. Browse your favorite online fabric store for inspiration!

36103159 - modern brown living room with green couch - 3d rendering

So go green and enjoy the benefits this beautiful, natural color has to offer, in any shade, hue, shape, or form!