About Barras Fabrics

Are you looking for some fine quality fabrics for your new home or apartment? Barras Fabrics offers everything from floral cotton prints to beautiful embroidered pieces, perfect material for your new draperies or reupholstering your old couch. We also offer patterns which will make for perfect patterned wallpaper around your home. Whether you are looking for something a bit simple like stripes and solids, or you want something more detailed like tropical palm trees or fish patterns, Barras Fabrics has the perfect patterns for you.

Our blog helps you to explore the different uses for our fabrics. We have written some informative topics such as, “Natural vs Synthetic Fibers,” “What Can You Do Outdoors with Fabrics,” and ” Tips for Decorating Your Home.” These are only a few of the many useful topics available on our blog. If you are ever looking for a few decorating tips or trips, or just want to read up on the different uses for our fabric, feel free to browse our blog for a few minutes, or hours!

If you don’t know the first thing about embroidered fabrics, cotton prints, or indoor-outdoor furniture, our blog is the perfect place for you learn some new information. Feel free to leave your comments and ask us a few questions as well. We are always looking for feedback to make our blog an even better outlet for all of your decorative tips. Barras Fabrics wishes you the best of luck in designing and decorating your new home! Be sure to visit our website too!

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