Valentines Day Gifts : Show Some Love

50528720_lThere really isn’t a better way to conclude our series on handmade gifts than with a Valentine’s Day inspired Gift Guide! 

On the day we celebrate love in all its splendor, it’s our chance to tell the ones we love what is is we cherish about them. Tell him you love his half-smile. Show her you appreciate every “just checking in” text. A personalized gift is the perfect way to show how you exactly how you feel. After all, actions speak louder than words!

So get lost in the lovey-dovey, sometimes cheesy but always beautiful spirit of Valentine’s Day by presenting your “bae” with a gift they will appreciate long after the cozy winter months are over.

Here’s our final handmade gift guide of the season.


1: V-Day Bath Bombs 

If you’ve never even heard of bath bombs, let alone tried one, your life is about to change. Not only are bath bombs easy to make, they’re beautiful, personalizable, and perfect for a nice warm bath (maybe for two…?) Learn how to make them HERE:Vgifts 1









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2: Romantic Movie Night Kit

Ready to get Sleepless in Seattle? Have a good cry over The Notebook? Swoon and sigh for Pretty Woman? Grab a movie, popcorn, and some fuzzy socks: it’s time for a Romantic Movie Night! Guys, you know she’ll love you forever if you stick it out through Noah and Allie’s tumultuous love story! Get inspired HERE:vday gifts 2












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3: Custom Beer Bottles

And the award for best girlfriend goes to…Personalize his second-greatest love (you’re first, obviously!) with some sweet Valentine’s Day love. Buy some swoony Valentine’s Day discount fabric and get crafting (no pun intended!).vday gift 3

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4: I Love You Because…Frame

How sweet is this? By putting together some household items, you can create a truly heartfelt, creative, and adorable gift that anyone would love! Add this dreamy fabric as your background and you’ve got all your gifts covered-literally!vday gift 4

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5:Patched-Heart Sweater

Finally, there’s nothing like a warm-and-fuzzy sweater to keep your one true love warm! This DIY is almost too easy: no sewing skills required! In face, the messier these patches are, the cuter. Add a little love to an everyday sweater and then huddle up for your movie night! Check out the DIY HERE.vday gifts 5

















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We hope your Valentine’s Day is full our laughter, love, and joy. And for those of us who are footloose and fancy-free, don’t forget your closest pals and surprise them with a DIY or two!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Let us know how your DIY projects went, or better yet, share a pic on social media with the hashtag #LoveBarras!


Happy Holidays! Here’s some Festive DIYs!

Happy Holidays from Barras Fabrics!

We can’t wait to gather round the tree, breath in the warm and spicy smells, and of course, unwrap our growing mound of presents. Something about the holiday season seems to make the simplest things, like cookies, flannel pj’s, and cartoons, seem magical. Your home (or apartments or dorm room) is like your little corner of the world: why not dress it up for the holidays this year? Give your space the Christmas treatment with these festive DIY’s, curated from the top bloggers on the web…plus our recommendations for the most festive discount fabrics to finish the look!

This DIY Stocking from Amy Smart’s Diary of a Quilter is super easy to follow:

diy stockings amy smart

Find it HERE.

Here’s the festive fabric we think would work great:

Full Circle

Highland Check

Polka Dot

Save time, money AND the environment by exploring the Japanese art of “Furoshiki”, or fabric gift wrapping. Read this DIY now.

tree hugger fabric wrapping

Here’s some awesome fabric perfectly suited for wrapping your gifts Furoshiki style!

Deck Stripe


Freddie Rocker

And last but not least, how magnificent is the Fabric Wreath? You can use up all your spare fabric to create this one-of-a-kind masterpiece.Learn How Here.

fabric wreath

We can’t wait to share another incredible year with you here at Barras Fabrics!

Happy Crafting, and a happy new year!


Top Red, White, and Blue Fabrics for the Fourth of July

38149335 - united states flag background. computer generated 3d photo rendering.

Fourth of July is right around the corner. That means barbecues on the porch, celebrations of all our country stands for, and a renewed sense of patriotism. It also means preparing your outdoor and indoor living spaces for the festivities that accompany the holiday. For those of us looking for ways to inject a good dose of patriotic reverie into our living and entertaining spaces without going overboard, decorative fabrics are the perfect solution. To get you ready for this year’s Fourth of July celebrations, we offer up some top ideas for utilizing red, white, and blue fabrics in your homes and patios.

Ideas for Festive Fourth of July Fabric Decorations:

  1. Patriotic Accent Pillows: Accent pillows are the go-to solution for any time you want to add a dose of personality to a room without drastically changing the decor. To decorate for the Fourth of July, head to your local craft store to pick up a few small, inexpensive accent pillows. Then, visit an online fabric store to find the best prices on patriotic prints to cover your pillows with. Unsure about patriotic prints? Buy 12 small pillows to display in groups of three. Each group will contain a red, a white and blue pillow that will look wildly patriotic without offending your sense of style.
  2. Table Runners: Table runners are another fantastic–and easy–way to utilize red, white, and blue fabric this Fourth of July. Simply purchase enough of each color to create a red, white, and blue striped table runner that covers the entire center portion of your dining room table. The best part about this idea? It’s easily stored away for next year!
  3. Placemats and Napkins: Similar to the table runner idea, red, white, and blue fabric can be woven together to create unique, patriotic, and gorgeous placemats and napkins for the guests at your celebration. As with the accent pillows, you can either sew these colors together to create a striped pattern, or simply create enough placemats and napkins in each of the solid colors to allow you to make groupings at each place setting.

Whether you opt for an advanced project or choose to keep it relatively simple, decorative fabrics are an easy, inexpensive, and fun way to inject pride in your country into your decorating scheme this 4th. Visit our online fabric store to browse our selection and then be sure to post what you create on our social media pages so we can celebrate along with you!

Home Decor for the New Year

The New Year is a new start, a chance to take a step back and make those changes you’ve been wishing you could get around to for ages. What are your planned New Year’s resolutions for 2016? How about using the spirit of change and renewal that’s in the air to freshen up your home a bit? We’ve collected a few DIY ideas to spruce up your humble abode without spending a wad of cash. All you’ll need is a bit of fabric and lots of creativity!

Who hasn’t wanted a canopy bed since they were 5 years old? Canopy beds (and buying new furniture in general) can be a big expense, though, so here are a couple of alternatives to give your bed that grand and sumptuous look:

canopy bed

One way to get the look is to attach shower rods or curtain rods to the ceiling and hang curtains on them. It looks amazing and really creates that canopy feel.

canopy bed

Another way you can go canopy-style is by simply draping curtains over the head of the bed, as in the elegant french-style bedroom pictured above.

Getting into the decorating mode? Here’s another no-sew DIY home decor on a budget project we found on Pinterest.

You can breathe new life into your tattered old pillows by using a fabric of your choice and this painlessly simple 4 step technique to transform your worn-out pillowcases!

diy pillowcase

  1. Cut a swath of fabric large enough to cover the whole pillow
  2. Lay the pillow on the fabric and fold it so that it meets halfway on the pillow
  3. Fold the ends into points, just like wrapping a present, and tie them in a knot
  4. Tuck the ends in and voila you’ve got a beautiful new pillow!

Last and most ingenious of all DIY projects is this magnet board. Having one place to post all your to-dos, pictures, mementos, and paraphernalia is a great way to get on top of that “get organized” New Year’s resolution once and for all.

Make a board just like this one by covering a cookie sheet with fabric and putting up some magnets…easy as pie!

cookie sheet magnet boards

Hope these ideas help get your creative brain whirring with loads of new ideas on how to refresh your house, your mind, and your life in 2016. Happy New Year!

DIY Sewing Presents

What’s one of the best parts of the holidays? Food, friends, family, festivities? Eh, those are all wonderful, but the best part is… PRESENTS! Getting new gloves, the latest technology, or that watch you’ve been coveting since four months ago is a hands-down highlight of the year.

Actually, correction. Giving presents is way more awesome than getting them! We’re not getting all biblical on you. It’s so true! Think about that time you went out of your way to do something special for someone else. It felt great, didn’t it? You can really make the holidays so much more meaningful by skipping the department stores and putting your hands and heart to work. Show your love by gifting presents handmade by YOU!

Here are some DIY projects to try:

fabric quilt

Temperatures are dropping drastically and it seems like no matter how high the heat is, it’s always freezing inside. A hand-sewn quilt can turn cold into cozy. All you’ll need is material, scissors, and your trusty sewing machine. You can personalize the quilt as much as you like. Alternate two colors to create a checkerboard pattern or use a different wonky pattern for each square! A quilt like this is sure to be one of those gifts with tremendous sentimental value that are kept forever.

personalized pillowcases

Design and sew simple, personalized pillowcases in a fabric of your choice. Once you’ve got a pillowcase, bought or hand-sewn, choose a contrasting colored fabric and using a stencil, draw and cut the fabric into the initial of the recipient of your pillowcase. Tack on appliques like bows, frills, or embellishments for extra panache. Anything personalized automatically wins points; after all who doesn’t like to see their name emblazoned across articles of clothing? Well the same thing definitely goes for pillows!

Last idea: A cute apron for that person spending every spare second of her time in the kitchen cooking up a storm for everyone to enjoy. It’ll show your appreciation for all that hard work and she’ll absolutely love it!
You’ll need about two yards of fabric and all the sewing necessities, like sewing machine, pins, thread etc. Fold your fabric in half. Trace and cut out 2 16 x 4 back straps, 2 13 x 4 neck straps. Once you have all the pieces ready, you can start the sewing! Place the two main apron pieces back to back and sew around the entire apron. Once the main piece is done, sew the back straps to the two sides of the apron and the neck strap to the top of it and viola you’ve got a one of a kind gift!

Try these gifts out and let us know on facebook how it goes!

Thanksgiving Dinner Decor

Are you counting down the days yet? If you haven’t looked at your calendar yet, Thanksgiving is in less than two weeks. If you are planning to host friends and family for Thanksgiving dinner, you had better start brainstorming!

Planning a menu full of delicious all-time favorites like turkey and apple pie is a no-brainer when it comes to Thanksgiving, but don’t forget the decor. Presentation can take a great dinner and make it an unforgettable one.  A few elegant ornaments, a beautiful tablecloth and a bit of creativity is all it takes.

Here are some of our favorite ideas.

Candle centerpieces do a wonderful job of spreading the holiday warmth and creating a festive ambiance. Below are a couple of chic candle decorations to add some fall holiday charm to your table.

Thanksgiving candle centerpieceThanksgiving candlesthanksgiving dinner table

Of course flowers at any party add a timeless touch to the festivities. Red daisies, orange gerberasflower arrangement, and bronze cushion mums are perfect for Thanksgiving. Place individual flowers by each setting or set an elaborate arrangement like this one in the center of the table.


A deep autumn themed tablecloth in maroon jacquard adds the perfect finishing touch to the look and will make your meal look even more tantalizing. Instead of hunting for a good quality tablecloth that’ll fit your table, get one that’s made to measure. See our full collection of jacquard solid and printed fabrics at, choose one you like, and order the measurement necessary to cover your table.

Get a bit of extra fabric and make matching napkins!

jacquard tableclothBarras jacquard Keepsake fabric

If you’re willing to go all out, matching your tablecloth to the rest of the room decor looks gorgeous and super coordinated. Plain old chairs and folding chairs can be transformed with a bit of fabric for a chair slip cover. Tie a bow around the back for extra pizzazz! You can even change up your curtains so that they are in sync with your tablecloth and chairs.

Happy decorating!

Order Decorative Fabric for a More Creative Halloween

Online Fabric StoreFor some people Halloween cannot come soon enough. Many have been planning a raging Halloween party, special costume, or spooky holiday decorations for months and with things fast approaching preparation has already begun. For others Halloween can feel like something you want to “really do up” but you simply never find the time.

A great way to begin to prepare for Halloween is ordering some awesome new home fabric. By picking out these raw materials you can start to consider your costume and decorating options now. Once your order of various colored decorative fabric arrives you can jump right into action turning your home and yourself into a festive delight for this spooky holiday!

The diverse selection of patterns colors and materials available at our online fabric store is perfect for getting creative. Even if you do not have a clear idea of where each piece of fabric might go it can be helpful to just buy some options and start thinking. Opening up yourself to a more creative and personalized version of Halloween is the best way to make the most of the holiday and turn into one of those people that blow minds each year with their exciting creations.

Discount Fabrics for Picnics!

Parrot FabricThe weather is beautiful and the weekend is just around the corner. Seems like a great chance to go to the park or the beach for a picnic with family and friends. In fact, we might be tempted to call these gorgeous spring days Peek Picnic Season.

Of course if you are planning on a picnic a blanket can come in handy. That said the food, weather, and the ground itself could ruin even the most durable of linens. All the reason to buy a couple of yards of home fabric and use that instead. Our discount fabrics are affordable and perfect to gather your whole picnic group around.

Available in a variety of patterns, styles, colors, and materials we sell yards of fabric that can make great blankets for your outdoor sun this spring and summer. Sprawl out the palm trees, parrots, and butterflies on the TBO Hearts of Pain fabric pictured above or go with something a little more traditional. We have it all and it is perfect for lounging in the sun!

Hand Make Something for Mother’s Day

Decorative FabricMother’s Day is just a few short weeks away. While flowers or a fancy brunch might satiate your mother’s desire to be pampered there is something much more special you can offer one of the most important people in your life. You can make something. This might seem silly on its face but it is in fact an incredible way to bring your mother back to a place where your innocence and enthusiasm was absolutely perfect to her.

Making something does not have to be the central part of your gift giving this Mother’s Day but it can definitely be a great start. A simple decorative fabric lined card styled in a way your mother will love with whatever limited artistic skills you might have will be sure to go a long way towards making this a special Mother’s Day.

Making things for mom is so central to so many of our youths, yet as we grow up it becomes far less common. Even worse the worries that arise from purchasing a gift that relates the meaningfulness of your relationship can turn shopping into an angst ridden nightmare. By simply getting creative and taking a little time to make something you can also make your mom’s Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is Sunday May 15th. Visit our online fabric store for supplies!

Use Home Fabrics In Easter Baskets

Decorated_Easter_eggs_in_basket,_March_2008Easter is just around the corner in case you didn’t notice through the blustery winter weather. If you are inclined to celebrate Easter you likely want to decorate accordingly with spring colors. You also might be looking to make a few festive Easter baskets as gifts, perhaps for your kids or some other people. Using some of the leftover scraps from the home fabric used for your decorating to line the basket is a great idea.

Once you have made your basket you might want to further your use of those scraps. An elongated piece of decorative fabric can make a fantastic ribbon for your basket. You might also consider using some of the fabric to wrap individual items inside your Easter basket. The dynamic combinations of colors will make your basket all the more perfect.

Our online store currently has a stellar selection of patterns, colors, and textures that would be perfect for helping make your Easter more festive!