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Hey there Barras fabrics fans! We hope you had a beautiful, colorful, and creative summer. Here at Barras, we’ve been admiring the new arrivals for fall and we’re hard at work preparing an amazing season!

A question we get asked all the time is about the way we sell our fabrics. Why would I buy fabrics online? I’m so tactile – I like to FEEL the fabrics before I buy. Is shopping for my fabrics online really right for me?

And our answer to that question is – YES! Anyone, from fabric fanatic to a layman, can easily and enjoyable shop our online fabric store. We take pains to ensure it’s a super-simple process and that our fabrics really pop on-screen. Here’s our top 10 reasons to order fabric online:

1: Our selection! We offer THOUSANDS of fabrics from varied mills around the world

2: The pricing: online shopping is the best way to save money because it’s so easy to compare prices.  

3: Straight rebuys and reordering. If you found a fabric you fell in love with and plan to use again, you can reorder it with a few clicks instead of running out to the store

4: You get to work with us. Obviously. :)

5: We organize our fabrics meticulously. You can sort by color, mill, materials, patterns, and pricing, so finding the perfect fabric is super-simple!

6: Did we mention pricing? You save tons of money by purchasing our discount luxury fabric without the additional fees added on by individual retailers. We also offer clearance fabrics!

7: You won’t have to fight other fabric seekers tooth-and-nail for that one perfect Herringbone roll everyone is dying for.

8: Our fabrics are photographed to optimize the way the colors, textures, and quality would present in real life, so you can get the full experience of the fabric before you buy.

9: You can create a super-fun swatch wall from your favorite prints on Barrasfabrics.com! It’s like an individual Pinterest board dedicated to your top choices.\

10: You get the best selection at the best prices with even greater customer service. Want to try out  the Barras fabrics experience for yourself? Start browsing now!

Why do YOU love online fabric shopping? Tell us in the comments below!

Summer Fabrics Catalog: Reupholster and revamp!

It’s time to bring some of that summer lovin’ to your living space. The easiest way to add pops of color to your home (without a massive, costly, and messy paint job) is to throw around some happy fabrics that bring a smile to your face.

From pillows to accent tables to framed fabrics, it’s easy to add bright spot in any room! See our blogs for some amazing home decor ideas, like a beach-inspired bedroom, on-point color schemes for basements, and more summer-inspired accents.

For part two of our catalog, we’re highlighting our favorite warm-weather wonders from our upholstery collection. Some of these fabrics are indoor/outdoor, meaning it looks just as great on your patio as it does in your living room! Look out for a * symbol next to the fabric name to see if that material is indoor/outdoor.

Once you’ve found your dream summertime fabric, it’s as easy as point-click-buy to get it to your home in a week or so. Just click the fabric you like and you’ll be taken to our discount online fabric store. We’d love to serve you for all your luxury fabric needs!

Without further ado, here’s our top picks for our summer fabrics catalog: upholstery edition!

Trellis in Pool*

Trellis in Pool*

Hillstone in Pimento*

Hillstone in Pimento*

Swaying Palm in Aloe*

Swaying Palm in Aloe*

Boxed In in Carribbean

Boxed In in Caribbean*

ODL Silsila in Lawn*

ODL Silsila in Lawn*

Dapper in Peacock

Dapper in Peacock

Marin in Peony

Marin in Peony

Flow in Hollycock

Flow in Hollycock

Locked in Papaya

Locked in Papaya

Marin in Cloud

[CHEAT SHEET] 3 Essential Yardage Charts

58998720 - thoughtful female tailor selecting fabric at sewing factoryHi there! If you’re a fabric enthusiast, you’re probably the more creative, colorful, and productive type…not exactly a “math” type. But as any seamstress, upholsterer, or furrier will tell you, math plays a huge role in your upholstery or sewing project. Knowing the proper yardage for your discount luxury fabrics is crucial to ensuring a beautiful final product!

For us non-math minded fabric-lovers, there’s an easier way to calculate how much material you’ll need: use a cheat sheet! Here are some super-simple charts we’ve collected from around the web to help you ease into the “mathematical” aspect of your fabric purchasing.

These charts are great to keep on hand when buying fabrics, either from our online fabric store or at a showroom. Print ’em, cut ’em out, and hang them wherever and whenever you’re about to cut a yard!

Fabric width to yardage chart:

chart #1

Courtesy: historicalsewing.com

General reupholstery yardage chart:

chart #3

Courtesy: www.taylor-creations.com

And for those who don’t use our metrics system, here’s a yards- to-centimeters chart:

chart #4

Courtesy: favequilts.com

There you have it! 3 super-simple, easy to read charts that will take you from simple enthusiast to Material Mastery! Please let us know in the comments which of these charts proved the most helpful. Thanks for reading and have a great day!


Spring Fabrics to Brighten your Space

52354930 - white leather vintage style chair in classical interior room with big window and spring flowers.

Spring, at long last!

The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and Barras’ collection of discount fabric is bright, happy, spring-time tones is exactly what you need to bring the warmth of the season into your home.

While florals are often chosen to represent the springtime vibe, don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, textures, and tones you’ve never used before. Your home decor fabric should be an expression of what spring means to YOU, so don’t shy away from using a swatch you’ve never seen before!

Here are our team’s collective favorites: from furniture upholstery to fabric framing to your next silk scarf, here at the gems were itching to sprinkle throughout our homes and wardrobes:


Jasmine Fan Toss




Tonal Touch

ODL Temiz

Pina Colada

Light of Day


Spotlight: The Duralee Mill

duralee fabricsIf you’re an interior design enthusiast, you’ve heard the name “Duralee”. The iconic mill is something of a buzzword amongst modern interior designers, synonymous with timeless patterns, infallible durability, and a beautiful, diverse collection of styles, prints, and materials.  Every designer, from high-end to local, has utilized a Duralee product at some point in their career, and nearly every sewing enthusiast you’ll come across prefers a solid Duralee fabric for their projects.  

And since Duralee’s primary focus is upholstery fabric, it’s no surprise that they expanded their company with the Duralee Furniture line, a broad collection of home furnishings that have taken the market by storm since 2003.

Duralee’s origin story is as richly-woven as the fabrics they peddle. The company was born from the blood, sweat, and tears of Lenny Silberman, a World War Two veteran whose “big break” into the industry was a $35/week, textile shipping clerk job. After attending night classes to expand his industry knowledge, he launched Duralee with two partners, Sig Rosenberger and Marshall Kutz, and rest is history!

Since it’s early days, Duralee has contracted a number of similarly iconic partnerships with luxurious textile designers, such as Highland Court, Baily and Griffin, DF Label, and more, further propelling Duralee to the forefront of the luxury textiles market. Hard to believe that this nationwide enterprise, now synonymous with high-end design and exclusivity, contracted with some of the greatest designers of our age, had grown from Lenny Silberman’s minuscule offices in post-war New York City!

In celebration of all that Duralee represents, we present a lineup of our favorite offerings from several of Duralee’s collections. Find these, and more magnificent textiles, on our online fabric store and envelop yourself in the timeless luxury of the wonderful brand.

Screenshot 2017-01-20 at 10.19.32 AM - Edited Screenshot 2017-01-20 at 10.19.32 AM - Edited (1) Screenshot 2017-01-20 at 10.19.32 AM - Edited (2)




See Full Lineup Here.

This article is based on a write-up on Duralee’s site, which can be found here. Thank you for choosing Barras Fabrics for all your discounted luxury fabric needs!

Color Psychology: Pretty in Pink








On Wednesdays, we wear pink.

Trust the Mean Girls on this: Pink is fun, light, fabulous, and anything but sickly-sweet! Pink represents caring, compassion, love, and nurturing. It combines the fiery passion of red with calming, soothing white. Though often perceived as a feminine color, this Pink Perception is entire false. First of all, up until about fifty years ago, pink was the representative color of boyhood in Europe, while soft blue was the indicative feminine color! Pink was considered energetic and loud, like little boys, while calming, subdued blue was more girlish and sweet. Thanks both to blooming gender equality and the loosening of typecasting in today’s society, the rainbow has been freed! Every color is ours to enjoy.

But back to pink. Time to psychoanalyze your friend’s dressing habits! As pink represents nurturing, giving, and TLC, if you see your buddy wearing pink disproportionately often, offer them a shoulder to cry on or a fun night out. They may be projecting the lack of these qualities in their life outward, and could really use your attention! Or maybe they just like pink…and who can blame them?

Pink represents the sweetness and innocence of childhood, while, almost paradoxically, has a super-loud, funky vibe. Remember the hot-pink 80’s legwarmers? However, things are not all rosy and sweet. Pink is also associated with being weak physically, emotionally volatile, immature, and a lack of self-worth. But all with a grain of salt,people: don’t offer to sponsor therapy for your Salmon-wearing boyfriend.

For our interests, pink is a fabulous color for home decor. And not just for your daughter’s bedroom! Try a funky rose-pink decorative fabric shade to liven up an all-black dining room.



Reupholster your favorite outdoor chaise or dining room chair with this loud-but-classy Rippled Poly print. (More on that in the coming weeks!).


And how gorgeous is this Peony Upholstery for your next favorite home decor fabric?


We’re seriously crushing on pink as the freshest, hottest color of the month. Don’t wait till the summer to enjoy the sweet and spicy vibe pink can bring into your life!

How do YOU bring the zing of pink into your wardrobe, home, and lifestyle? Tell us in the comments!

Stay Warm with a DIY Scarf!

49698283 - pretty woman with a sweet smile makes the christmas shopping

Nothing says “Fall is here!” like a thick, comfy scarf. This humble neckwear can actually be worn all season long as an incredibly versatile accessory! Throw it over a big sweater and jeans and rock the “winter chic” look, or leave the ends loose and hanging to spruce up your simple turtleneck. Scarves can add a happy pop of color to your outerwear, which, let’s be honest, usually consists of a drab, black-to-navy palette. Struggling for a gift idea? Buy your buddies a wide, soft scarf in a happy pattern and wait for the “I wear it every day‘s!” to come rolling in. Or better yet: make a scarf yourself! Whether you gift your handmade neckwarmer or keep it all to yourself (don’t worry, your secret it safe with us!), you’ll definitely enjoy the super-simple process as much as we do!



One super-chic reversible scarf coming right up!

You’ll need:

  • 1-2 yards of super-soft cotton or woolen fabric (we recommend these)     
    • Note: you can go uber-long for a lowyf, hipster look, or keep the scarf short and trendy, just be sure to measure the material around your neck. About three times around should do it! 
  • An equal amount of complementary fabric (check these out!)
  • Thread (either in contrasting or complementary colors)
  • An iron

1-Lay the layers on top of each other. Make sure the edges line up evenly!

2-Begin stitching down the sides, carefully adjusting the layers so the edges are always lined up. Don’t worry about creating perfect, even stitches: perfect is boring! Wide, easy stitches will look just as chic.

3-Now here comes the fun part: Once the sides are sewn, you can create fringes! If you’re using a woven fabric, find a horizontal thread and pull it out. How satisfying was it to watch those little threads unravel? Keep pulling out horizontal threads until you get the length of fringe you want. Go crazy!

4-If you’re using woolen fabric, cut even lines into the material, about an inch up from the bottom. The ideal spacing between the fringes is ¼ – â…› of an inch.

5-Once your scarf has the fringes you want, stitch a straight line  ¼ above where the fringes begin.

6-Iron your new favorite Autumn accessory with all the TLC your “hard work” deserves!


Feel free to go crazy with appliques, fringes, and even pom-poms. The beauty of a well-made scarf is that you can go as wild with the patterns, colors, and styles as you like, and STILL not have it monopolize your outfit! And best of all-you don’t have to brave the cold until your scarf is ready- just order some snazzy prints from your favorite online fabric store and get busy!

Have you tried this DIY treat yet? Show off your creative genius and upload a picture of YOUR homemade scarf!

Faux Fur: Matted No More!


Love the look and feel of fur but hate the idea of irresponsibly sourced materials? The perfect way to enjoy fur’s warmth is by utilizing the incredible selection of faux furs on the market. Most fabric stores offer many variations of luxurious faux furs you can use any way you’d like, from high-end home decor to classy, winter outerwear! While faux fur doesn’t require nearly as much upkeep as real, there are several hacks to keep the material soft, fluffy, and NOT smelling your grandma’s old housecoat.

Faux Fur Coats/Jackets/Scarves:

  • Yes, you CAN use a washing machine! Just be sure to keep the temperature low and your detergent mild.
  • DON’T use your dryer! The intense heat may loosen the glue. Instead, wrap your piece in a thick towel to absorb the moisture. Then re-fluff and air dry.
  • Use a metal brush to smooth down the fibers and voila! Your hippest jacket is streetwear ready!

Faux Fur Pillows/Throws

  • Again, you can wash the item, but be sure to throw it in its own load. The fibers can shed onto the rest of your items, making for a REALLY unpleasant cleanup job.
  • This may sound weird, but it’s been proven to keep fur from moisture buildup and musty smells: sprinkle cornmeal onto to fibers, let it sit overnight to really soak up the moisture, then shake/brush out the excess.
  • Alternative method to sprinkling ingredients onto your couch: spot clean trouble spots. Run some warm water+mild detergent through the area, then AIR DRY (Do NOT blow-dry, as tempting as it is!)


And remember to always check the tag (when applicable) to see which care method works best for your item.

So there you have it: the perfect way to keep your cruelty-free coat, pillows, or collar fresh and fabulous all winter long! Start shopping for your favorite prints of fantastic faux furs today!

The Hottest Prints for Fall 2016

32194696_lWhile everyone is still recovering from the explosion of floral prints that stole the show this summer, several spicy new patterns are already in the running to become Fall 2016’s hottest trend! You don’t need to spend a fortune on Chanel’s latest collection to incorporate some on-point patterns into your fall wardrobe. Just browse your favorite fabric store,keep an eye out for these up-and-coming prints, and get creative!

1- Stripes

Stripes are never out, and this Fall is no exception! Every breed of stripes graced the runway this year-from large and bold to delicate pinstripes,this classic trend can really help elongate your curves while staying young and classic.


Flannel lovers, rejoice! Plaid made a HUGE comeback on the runway this year! Designers snuck this warm and cozy pattern into the lining of pockets, made it the star of an ensemble as an oversized scarf, and utilized its campy feel in collections of oh-so-comfy button-downs.

3-Polka Dots

Another classic received a fun and flirty makeover this year. Polka dots were everywhere, in every shape,size, and color! Happy little dots were thrown on simple tees like sprinkles on a cupcake, and transformed the simplest of clothes into little celebrations. Huge, black-on-white dots starred in several ensembles, reminding us to be bold and have fun with our clothes!


Yes, yes, we know you promised to never sport flowers again, but a tamer, classier version of the floral print was also featured for this Fall. Smaller flowers were mixed with other botanical prints, such as leaves,branches,and bulbs,to create a more sophisticated, couture-like feel.

5-Animal Prints

The animal patterns that were sported on the runway were faux, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t fabulous! Bring out your dangerous side with bold prints from the wild! Zebra-themed boots, tiger-striped bags, and cheetah “fur” trench coats were some of the eye-popping statement pieces on the runway for this season.

So now you’re one step ahead of the game. Barras Fabrics has got you covered with all the latest trends in prints this Fall! Get your hands on these hot patterns before the season officially starts, and feature them wherever you can! Sew an oversized zebra scarf, reupholster that old settee in a flirty new floral, or even sport a bold plaid tote! Happy trending!

Fabric Trends for 2016

With the new year in full swing, we thought it would be the perfect time to share some new trends in fabric we see being a staple in 2016!

Denim Fabric


Denim is making a comeback and can be used for far more than clothing. Did you know denim can make the perfect decorative fabric? Check out some ways to use denim below:

  1. Make a bag! Use denim to make the perfect handbag.
  2. Upholster an old chair. Give an old chair a new flare with some awesome denim.
  3. Pillows. Denim pillows can be a perfect addition to your living room!


Geometric shapes and patterns have been becoming increasingly popular over the pst few years. One read for this? They make sense. There is a calming sense to geometric shapes and patterns. We’ve seen this trend in jewelry, clothing design, as well as home decor. Take not to newer tile floors or newer earrings available at your favorite store  next time you think to do so.

For now, check out this example on the Barras Fabrics website below:

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 1.12.29 PM

To shop more fabrics and browse collections from top names, head on over to http://barrasfabrics.com.