[CHEAT SHEET] 3 Essential Yardage Charts

58998720 - thoughtful female tailor selecting fabric at sewing factoryHi there! If you’re a fabric enthusiast, you’re probably the more creative, colorful, and productive type…not exactly a “math” type. But as any seamstress, upholsterer, or furrier will tell you, math plays a huge role in your upholstery or sewing project. Knowing the proper yardage for your discount luxury fabrics is crucial to ensuring a beautiful final product!

For us non-math minded fabric-lovers, there’s an easier way to calculate how much material you’ll need: use a cheat sheet! Here are some super-simple charts we’ve collected from around the web to help you ease into the “mathematical” aspect of your fabric purchasing.

These charts are great to keep on hand when buying fabrics, either from our online fabric store or at a showroom. Print ’em, cut ’em out, and hang them wherever and whenever you’re about to cut a yard!

Fabric width to yardage chart:

chart #1

Courtesy: historicalsewing.com

General reupholstery yardage chart:

chart #3

Courtesy: www.taylor-creations.com

And for those who don’t use our metrics system, here’s a yards- to-centimeters chart:

chart #4

Courtesy: favequilts.com

There you have it! 3 super-simple, easy to read charts that will take you from simple enthusiast to Material Mastery! Please let us know in the comments which of these charts proved the most helpful. Thanks for reading and have a great day!


[GUIDE] 3 Awesome Summer Decorating Ideas!

Summer Home Decor

Summer has begun and it’s the perfect time to decorate your home after a long tiring spring cleaning! Give your home a splash of color for an updated summer look. Here are 3 awesome ways to bring that summertime feeling into your home.

1: Decorate with Succulents: See tutorial here for this stunning succulent centerpiece.



Succulents are chic and trendy. Decorate your center table with these fantastic tiny plants that come in different shades of the rainbow.  Choose a planter that complements your interior decor, you can choose from white pots or bowls to accentuate their natural vibrant color or a wooden planter for a rustic look.

Adding succulents to your center table instantly gives your home a fresh summer look. Here’s an easy diy succulent center piece you can try.

2: Make a Refreshment Nook: Photocreds: Pottery Barn

refreshment nook

Quench your family’s thirst on hot summer days and brighten up a corner by adding a refreshment nook with flavored teas, fruit-flavored lemonades, or infused water to your foyer, kitchen or living room. All you need are a clear drink dispenser, mason jars, a bowl of fruits and a spritz of imagination. The combination of the color of the fruit slices and the water moisture coming from the ice-cold drink will sure spell S-U-M-M-E-R for everyone in your home.

Here are some refreshing non-alcoholic drinks that’ll add color to a room while keeping your family refreshed! 

3: Update your Fabrics

For a more bold and fun summer look, change up your upholstery and accents with bright and colorful prints. Use flamboyant shades on any of your cushions, curtains, table cloth, place mats, bedding, seat pads, etc.  Choose a summer theme: from pastels, citrus, bright reds and hot pinks, it’ll add a pop of summertime flavor. Just remember to minimize accessories if you are going to use bold and bright fabrics, as you don’t want your home to look like a bag of Skittles.

Here are 4 printed cotton fabrics to help you update your home for the summer.

WhimsyBe bright and bold with this colorful printed fabric. Perfect for table cloths, throw pillows and placemats.







Creative FlowThis one is perfect for that breezy and beachy theme summer decor.

creative flow






MacilentTalking about citrusy colors and flavored drinks, this print is a perfect match.







Womel/Franco: For a bright colored geometric look.







Are you ready to give your home these quick and fun update this summer? Tell us your plans in the comments below! Remember to let us here at barrasfabrics.com know how your DIYs went! 


Valentines Day Gifts : Show Some Love

50528720_lThere really isn’t a better way to conclude our series on handmade gifts than with a Valentine’s Day inspired Gift Guide! 

On the day we celebrate love in all its splendor, it’s our chance to tell the ones we love what is is we cherish about them. Tell him you love his half-smile. Show her you appreciate every “just checking in” text. A personalized gift is the perfect way to show how you exactly how you feel. After all, actions speak louder than words!

So get lost in the lovey-dovey, sometimes cheesy but always beautiful spirit of Valentine’s Day by presenting your “bae” with a gift they will appreciate long after the cozy winter months are over.

Here’s our final handmade gift guide of the season.


1: V-Day Bath Bombs 

If you’ve never even heard of bath bombs, let alone tried one, your life is about to change. Not only are bath bombs easy to make, they’re beautiful, personalizable, and perfect for a nice warm bath (maybe for two…?) Learn how to make them HERE:Vgifts 1









Courtesy of artcraftsandfamily.com

2: Romantic Movie Night Kit

Ready to get Sleepless in Seattle? Have a good cry over The Notebook? Swoon and sigh for Pretty Woman? Grab a movie, popcorn, and some fuzzy socks: it’s time for a Romantic Movie Night! Guys, you know she’ll love you forever if you stick it out through Noah and Allie’s tumultuous love story! Get inspired HERE:vday gifts 2












Courtesy of bhg.com

3: Custom Beer Bottles

And the award for best girlfriend goes to…Personalize his second-greatest love (you’re first, obviously!) with some sweet Valentine’s Day love. Buy some swoony Valentine’s Day discount fabric and get crafting (no pun intended!).vday gift 3

Courtesy of makethebestofeverything.com

4: I Love You Because…Frame

How sweet is this? By putting together some household items, you can create a truly heartfelt, creative, and adorable gift that anyone would love! Add this dreamy fabric as your background and you’ve got all your gifts covered-literally!vday gift 4

Courtesy of cutediyprojects.com

5:Patched-Heart Sweater

Finally, there’s nothing like a warm-and-fuzzy sweater to keep your one true love warm! This DIY is almost too easy: no sewing skills required! In face, the messier these patches are, the cuter. Add a little love to an everyday sweater and then huddle up for your movie night! Check out the DIY HERE.vday gifts 5

















Courtesy of countryliving.com

We hope your Valentine’s Day is full our laughter, love, and joy. And for those of us who are footloose and fancy-free, don’t forget your closest pals and surprise them with a DIY or two!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Let us know how your DIY projects went, or better yet, share a pic on social media with the hashtag #LoveBarras!


Show Them You Care with Hand Made Gifts : Part 1

51824889_lWhat was the best gift you ever received?

And no, you don’t have to say your firstborn child!

Think long and hard. Chances are, you won’t say “that Barbie doll I got when I was 9”, you’ll remember that scrapbook your best friend made when you left to college, the fuzzy sweater your mom knitted for your Christmas present that you still wear every New Year’s, or your favorite book in an exclusive first edition.

What do all those have in common? They’re personal. They were crafted (or chosen) with love, with your personal experiences and tastes in mind. Nothing can beat a personalized or hand-made gift, and that rings true even when you’re “too old” to be getting gifts at all.

Personalized gifting doesn’t have to be hand-made: monograms, etching, and embroidering are a great way to add that loving touch to your present with half the cost, time, and effort. Even a simple gift from their favorite shop, gift card to their number #1 restaurant, or a day out on the town sponsored by yours truly are fun ways to add a personal touch to otherwise boring gifting.

So embrace your inner gifting guru! Here’s Part 1 of our  simple guide to our favorite personalized, hand-made, and home-grown gifts for every occasion!

1: For the Little Ones: Stuffed Balloon Animals ( by LittleInspiration)barras gift blog img1How adorable are these? They’re the perfect gift for a birthday party, your favorite niece, or a get-well present. Try using these fabrics for the cutest little animals ever!

Skill level: Medium (www.littleinspiration.com)

2: Personalized Pillow Case (by DesignerTrapped)barras gift blog img3No sewing required? Yes, please! You don’t have to be a skilled seamstress to create a useful, heartfelt, and beautiful gift for your girlfriend, sister, or even your bridesmaids.

Skill level: Easy (www.designedtrapped.com)

3: Homemade Mugs (by Popsugar)barras gift blog img4

Got a Sharpie on hand? That’s all you need to create a super-personalizable gift! You can go a little crazy with color, or keep it simple and classy, but one thing’s for sure: the coffee lover in your life needs this in their cabinet!

Skill Level: Easy (www.popsugar.com)

Don’t worry, there’s more where that came from! Keep an eye out for part two of this series for more hand-made and personalized gifts in the weeks to come. And while you wait, browse our online fabric store for inspiration HERE.

Plan on following any of these tutorials for your next gifting occasion? Tell us in the comments below – we’d love to hear which one is your favorite!


Happy Holidays! Here’s some Festive DIYs!

Happy Holidays from Barras Fabrics!

We can’t wait to gather round the tree, breath in the warm and spicy smells, and of course, unwrap our growing mound of presents. Something about the holiday season seems to make the simplest things, like cookies, flannel pj’s, and cartoons, seem magical. Your home (or apartments or dorm room) is like your little corner of the world: why not dress it up for the holidays this year? Give your space the Christmas treatment with these festive DIY’s, curated from the top bloggers on the web…plus our recommendations for the most festive discount fabrics to finish the look!

This DIY Stocking from Amy Smart’s Diary of a Quilter is super easy to follow:

diy stockings amy smart

Find it HERE.

Here’s the festive fabric we think would work great:

Full Circle

Highland Check

Polka Dot

Save time, money AND the environment by exploring the Japanese art of “Furoshiki”, or fabric gift wrapping. Read this DIY now.

tree hugger fabric wrapping

Here’s some awesome fabric perfectly suited for wrapping your gifts Furoshiki style!

Deck Stripe


Freddie Rocker

And last but not least, how magnificent is the Fabric Wreath? You can use up all your spare fabric to create this one-of-a-kind masterpiece.Learn How Here.

fabric wreath

We can’t wait to share another incredible year with you here at Barras Fabrics!

Happy Crafting, and a happy new year!


Using Leftover Fabric: Check Out These DIYs!

Tired of throwing away all your extra fabric after a big reupholstering project?

We’ve all been there. Your order three extra yards of fabric from an online fabric store (“just in case”), and get left with more pink-polka-dotted cotton than you’ll ever need. Well, waste not, want not! By using the leftover fabric from your big projects for smaller DIY’s, you save money by using more of the fabric you already have, bring your color scheme to other parts of the room, and get to use up every last drop so nothing goes to waste. Win Win Win!

Here are some awesome DIY’s we found around the web, along with what fabrics we think would suit your project best!

 Framed Fabric

framed fabric

framed fabric 32




















@Apartment Therapy 2016.

How awesome does that look? Some prints are truly works of art: display them like Picassos! Just make sure not to hang the framed fabrics right near the couch you reupholstered in that print…that’s just cheesy. Buy cheap frames at an art store and get hangin’!

Here are some swatches that would look awesome hung on a wall:

Coral blue + Upstream:

   framed fabric swatch 2





framed fabric swatch one






Hang Fabric as Wallpaper

fabric wallpaper
















@Apartment Therapy 2016

This idea is pure genius. You’ll obviously need a bit more fabric to get this done, but the results are well worth it. Painting is messy and wallpaper is expensive! Hanging fabric on your walls is a perfect solution. This idea is also great for temporary apartments: don’t stick the fabric to the wall permanently: hang it, either from hooks or loose staples, on top of walls that you can’t ~officially~ do anything to.

Our recommended “wallpaper” picks:

Cowhide +  Ralph Lauren Surfrider:

fabric wallpaper swatch 1






wallpaper fabric swatch 2






Fabric Flowers

fabric flower 3















This DIY is perfect for when you have just a bit of extra fabric left. We can see these scattered on throw pillows, pinned on a corkboard, or even on the backs of your dining room chairs! Flowers are sweet, happy, and add a whimsical touch to any space. And great news: the more mismatched the fabrics that you use for this are, the more hipster it looks!

Here’s what we’re thinking:

Scroll Gate + Hot Stripe: 

fabric flowers swatch one






fabric flowers swatch two






So there you go! Some awesome ways to conserve extra fabric. Show us your DIY home fabric projects, and don’t forget to keep your stash stocked with decorative fabric from Barras Fabric’s online store!

What’s your favorite DIY from this list? Tried any? Let us know in the comments below!

Jazz Up Your Chairs! DIY Instructions:

44961826 - dining table is set for a holiday dinner

Love the refreshing thrill of redecorating but hate the strain on your wallet? There are a bunch of easy, pocket-friendly ways to revamp your space without going all-out. Want a super-impactful and super-cheap option? Reupholster your chairs! We mean ANY chairs, dining room chairs, outdoor chairs, folding chairs, ANYTHING! You’ll see: that simple pop of color screaming from your seats will breath fresh life into the room.

Here are the basics you’ll need to reupholster ANY chair. Once you have these materials and instructions, you can use the same method throughout.

The Tools:

  1. Any Chair ( This excludes folding chairs with plastic seats. That won’t work well)
  2. Fabric of your choice- order from an online fabric store and save on gas. We’re saving so much money already! You’ll probably need around 3 yards square.
  3. Fabric marker and scissors. We recommend these scissors and these markers.
  4. A staple gun. Try this one.

That’s it! You’re ready to start working the  reupholstering magic!

The Method:

  1. Remove/Flip Over : remove the seat from the chair (if you can). If the seat is unremovable, turn the chair over and attach your fabric to the extended edge.
  2. Cover and Staple : trace the shape of your seat onto your fabric of choice. Cut out the shape, leaving an 1 ½ “ of fabric around the border of the seat. Staple the fabric to the underside of the seat, making sure the visible area of the seat is fully covered.
  3. Trim the Edges and Replace! I’s very likely there’ll be lots of excess material around the seat. Trim it down and replace the seat onto the frame.

How great does that look?! Coordinate your fabric of choice with the color scheme of your room for a monochromatic look, or insert a bright zap of color to liven up the space!

Here are some materials we recommend for chairs that STAND out:

Make It Rain:



























Let us know in the comments below how YOUR Reupholstering Project went!


Stay Warm with a DIY Scarf!

49698283 - pretty woman with a sweet smile makes the christmas shopping

Nothing says “Fall is here!” like a thick, comfy scarf. This humble neckwear can actually be worn all season long as an incredibly versatile accessory! Throw it over a big sweater and jeans and rock the “winter chic” look, or leave the ends loose and hanging to spruce up your simple turtleneck. Scarves can add a happy pop of color to your outerwear, which, let’s be honest, usually consists of a drab, black-to-navy palette. Struggling for a gift idea? Buy your buddies a wide, soft scarf in a happy pattern and wait for the “I wear it every day‘s!” to come rolling in. Or better yet: make a scarf yourself! Whether you gift your handmade neckwarmer or keep it all to yourself (don’t worry, your secret it safe with us!), you’ll definitely enjoy the super-simple process as much as we do!



One super-chic reversible scarf coming right up!

You’ll need:

  • 1-2 yards of super-soft cotton or woolen fabric (we recommend these)     
    • Note: you can go uber-long for a lowyf, hipster look, or keep the scarf short and trendy, just be sure to measure the material around your neck. About three times around should do it! 
  • An equal amount of complementary fabric (check these out!)
  • Thread (either in contrasting or complementary colors)
  • An iron

1-Lay the layers on top of each other. Make sure the edges line up evenly!

2-Begin stitching down the sides, carefully adjusting the layers so the edges are always lined up. Don’t worry about creating perfect, even stitches: perfect is boring! Wide, easy stitches will look just as chic.

3-Now here comes the fun part: Once the sides are sewn, you can create fringes! If you’re using a woven fabric, find a horizontal thread and pull it out. How satisfying was it to watch those little threads unravel? Keep pulling out horizontal threads until you get the length of fringe you want. Go crazy!

4-If you’re using woolen fabric, cut even lines into the material, about an inch up from the bottom. The ideal spacing between the fringes is ¼ – â…› of an inch.

5-Once your scarf has the fringes you want, stitch a straight line  ¼ above where the fringes begin.

6-Iron your new favorite Autumn accessory with all the TLC your “hard work” deserves!


Feel free to go crazy with appliques, fringes, and even pom-poms. The beauty of a well-made scarf is that you can go as wild with the patterns, colors, and styles as you like, and STILL not have it monopolize your outfit! And best of all-you don’t have to brave the cold until your scarf is ready- just order some snazzy prints from your favorite online fabric store and get busy!

Have you tried this DIY treat yet? Show off your creative genius and upload a picture of YOUR homemade scarf!

DIY: Fall-Themed Accent Pillows


fall themed accent pillow

Looking for an easy, useful, and fun weekend project? Look no further! Accent pillows are the chicest  way to add a punchy pop of color to any room. Pillows are also completely personalizable, from the shape to the pattern to the color to where you place them. And once you’ve got the perfect size picked out, you can jazz it up any way you’d like with your favorite decorative fabrics, embellishments, and accents! Here’s a cozy, warm design you can easily recreate at home. We can’t wait to get comfy on the couch with a cup of tea and these seasonal-inspired accent pillows!

Let’s get DIYing!

What you’ll need:

-Brown, Cream, and Red fabric.

-Fabric marker

-Fabric scissors.

-Needle + Brown thread

-Store-bought accent pillow, size of your choice


STEP 1:  Trace the template below onto the accent fabric using a high-quality fabric marker.

leaf cutout

 (You can re-size the leaf on your computer to best suit your pillow’s size.) We’d recommend eight to ten leaves to sew onto the corner of your pillow, but feel free to add as many-or as few- as you’d like.


STEP 2: Starting from the corner of the pillow, begin sewing tight, simple stitches in branch-like lines diagonally down the surface.


STEP 3: Sew leaves at random intervals at the end of your sewn branches. Make sure to sew differently colored leaves at the end of each branch to prevent uniformity.


STEP 4: Double stitch down the center of the leaf to ensure they won’t fall off. If you’d like, sew additional “veins” from the center “stems” of the leaf for a quirky touch.

Enjoy your super-cozy Fall themed accent pillow!

How to DIY a Beanbag Chair

49085042 - girl with her cat on beanbag at home

Do you love to create meaningful DIY treasures for the little ones in your life? Put a homemade bean bag chair on your to-do list. This cozy creation is sure to be a much-loved (and useful) hit. Follow these steps to create yours!

  1. To start, choose two pieces of decorative fabric; they can be the same, or two different fabrics, depending on the look you are going for. Then, cut the fabric to 45” by 32”.
  2. Take the two pieces of cloth, placing one on top of the other, with the decorated sides facing each other. Sew the long edges together with a small, straight stitch on the long edges.
  3. Next, you will fold the bottom corners up to meet the top corners with the long, sewn edges aligned at the top. Measure six inches from the top right corner and, from that point, cut down to the bottom right corner in the shape of a curve, rounding off the upper right corner.
  4. When you unfold the bottom corners of the fabric back down, the entire right edge should be rounded. Zigzag stitch this edge closed.
  5. Reposition the fabric so that the two stitches are centered. At this opening, sew the zipper. The zipper should be about 22 inches. Straight stitch the openings on either side of the zipper so that, when it is closed, nothing will escape from the bean bag.
  6. Finally, turn the fabric right-side-out, so the pattern side of the fabric is facing out. Fill the bag with 3.5 cubic meters of bean bag filling (caution: these can get messy!) and zip shut.

Now your bean bag is ready to be loved! Keep your DIY home decor adventures rolling with the many stylish fabrics available at Barras Fabrics. Browse our selection today!