Stay Warm with a DIY Scarf!

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Nothing says “Fall is here!” like a thick, comfy scarf. This humble neckwear can actually be worn all season long as an incredibly versatile accessory! Throw it over a big sweater and jeans and rock the “winter chic” look, or leave the ends loose and hanging to spruce up your simple turtleneck. Scarves can add a happy pop of color to your outerwear, which, let’s be honest, usually consists of a drab, black-to-navy palette. Struggling for a gift idea? Buy your buddies a wide, soft scarf in a happy pattern and wait for the “I wear it every day‘s!” to come rolling in. Or better yet: make a scarf yourself! Whether you gift your handmade neckwarmer or keep it all to yourself (don’t worry, your secret it safe with us!), you’ll definitely enjoy the super-simple process as much as we do!



One super-chic reversible scarf coming right up!

You’ll need:

  • 1-2 yards of super-soft cotton or woolen fabric (we recommend these)     
    • Note: you can go uber-long for a lowyf, hipster look, or keep the scarf short and trendy, just be sure to measure the material around your neck. About three times around should do it! 
  • An equal amount of complementary fabric (check these out!)
  • Thread (either in contrasting or complementary colors)
  • An iron

1-Lay the layers on top of each other. Make sure the edges line up evenly!

2-Begin stitching down the sides, carefully adjusting the layers so the edges are always lined up. Don’t worry about creating perfect, even stitches: perfect is boring! Wide, easy stitches will look just as chic.

3-Now here comes the fun part: Once the sides are sewn, you can create fringes! If you’re using a woven fabric, find a horizontal thread and pull it out. How satisfying was it to watch those little threads unravel? Keep pulling out horizontal threads until you get the length of fringe you want. Go crazy!

4-If you’re using woolen fabric, cut even lines into the material, about an inch up from the bottom. The ideal spacing between the fringes is ¼ – â…› of an inch.

5-Once your scarf has the fringes you want, stitch a straight line  ¼ above where the fringes begin.

6-Iron your new favorite Autumn accessory with all the TLC your “hard work” deserves!


Feel free to go crazy with appliques, fringes, and even pom-poms. The beauty of a well-made scarf is that you can go as wild with the patterns, colors, and styles as you like, and STILL not have it monopolize your outfit! And best of all-you don’t have to brave the cold until your scarf is ready- just order some snazzy prints from your favorite online fabric store and get busy!

Have you tried this DIY treat yet? Show off your creative genius and upload a picture of YOUR homemade scarf!

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