DIY: Fall-Themed Accent Pillows


fall themed accent pillow

Looking for an easy, useful, and fun weekend project? Look no further! Accent pillows are the chicest  way to add a punchy pop of color to any room. Pillows are also completely personalizable, from the shape to the pattern to the color to where you place them. And once you’ve got the perfect size picked out, you can jazz it up any way you’d like with your favorite decorative fabrics, embellishments, and accents! Here’s a cozy, warm design you can easily recreate at home. We can’t wait to get comfy on the couch with a cup of tea and these seasonal-inspired accent pillows!

Let’s get DIYing!

What you’ll need:

-Brown, Cream, and Red fabric.

-Fabric marker

-Fabric scissors.

-Needle + Brown thread

-Store-bought accent pillow, size of your choice


STEP 1:  Trace the template below onto the accent fabric using a high-quality fabric marker.

leaf cutout

 (You can re-size the leaf on your computer to best suit your pillow’s size.) We’d recommend eight to ten leaves to sew onto the corner of your pillow, but feel free to add as many-or as few- as you’d like.


STEP 2: Starting from the corner of the pillow, begin sewing tight, simple stitches in branch-like lines diagonally down the surface.


STEP 3: Sew leaves at random intervals at the end of your sewn branches. Make sure to sew differently colored leaves at the end of each branch to prevent uniformity.


STEP 4: Double stitch down the center of the leaf to ensure they won’t fall off. If you’d like, sew additional “veins” from the center “stems” of the leaf for a quirky touch.

Enjoy your super-cozy Fall themed accent pillow!

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