How to DIY a Beanbag Chair

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Do you love to create meaningful DIY treasures for the little ones in your life? Put a homemade bean bag chair on your to-do list. This cozy creation is sure to be a much-loved (and useful) hit. Follow these steps to create yours!

  1. To start, choose two pieces of decorative fabric; they can be the same, or two different fabrics, depending on the look you are going for. Then, cut the fabric to 45” by 32”.
  2. Take the two pieces of cloth, placing one on top of the other, with the decorated sides facing each other. Sew the long edges together with a small, straight stitch on the long edges.
  3. Next, you will fold the bottom corners up to meet the top corners with the long, sewn edges aligned at the top. Measure six inches from the top right corner and, from that point, cut down to the bottom right corner in the shape of a curve, rounding off the upper right corner.
  4. When you unfold the bottom corners of the fabric back down, the entire right edge should be rounded. Zigzag stitch this edge closed.
  5. Reposition the fabric so that the two stitches are centered. At this opening, sew the zipper. The zipper should be about 22 inches. Straight stitch the openings on either side of the zipper so that, when it is closed, nothing will escape from the bean bag.
  6. Finally, turn the fabric right-side-out, so the pattern side of the fabric is facing out. Fill the bag with 3.5 cubic meters of bean bag filling (caution: these can get messy!) and zip shut.

Now your bean bag is ready to be loved! Keep your DIY home decor adventures rolling with the many stylish fabrics available at Barras Fabrics. Browse our selection today!

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