Mastering Floral Pattern Decor in 2016

50753496 - color illustration of flowers in watercolor paintings

Is it possible that we are already more than halfway through the summer? Keep the brilliant colors and warmth of the season alive by incorporating floral patterns into your home and office decor.  But wait–before you re-upholster your entire living room set, consider these floral pattern tips and trends to avoid a floral furniture fiasco!

  • Minimalist Mentality. Because floral patterns can be quite ornate, it is important to use them sparingly in a very tasteful way. A floral accent against a solid backdrop makes for a stark and stunning contrast that lends itself to a sophisticated and elegant space. This can be as simple as a floral accent pillow against a solid-colored loveseat, or more involved, such as an accent wall in your kitchen or bedroom. Browse the selection at your favorite online fabric store to find the perfect floral fabric to inspire your design.
  • Large, Vibrant Prints. For some, floral prints may bring to mind washed out, decades-old couches in your grandmother’s living room. What sets the floral prints of 2016 apart are their bold and brilliant colors which, by the way, need not be nature-accurate. If you want turquoise roses on your tablecloth, by all means–go ahead! But, a word of caution–multiple floral designs in one setting can be a recipe for disaster. Consult a professional if you are unsure of how to make your floral design work.
  • Consult the Classics. Although floral patterns have taken a turn for the modern, some vintage designs have made a definite comeback, fitting right in with contemporary decor. Browse this board on Pinterest to get a taste of classic floral designs that still aren’t tacky.

With careful design, floral patterns can invigorate the energy of a room and produce a classic, bright, and sophisticated impression. As the days get shorter, keep your living and work spaces colorful and welcoming by incorporating tasteful floral designs into your decor.

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