Fabric as a Work of Art

Sometimes we’re so busy planning out the decor in our homes that we forget to stop and admire our efforts as a work of art. Like art itself, the fabrics we use are created out of inspirations that arise from everyday life. Some are even taken from the art world itself, like these fabrics, which resemble the drip painting technique.

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As the name implies, drip painting is a painting style in which the painter drips paint onto a canvas to evoke an emotion using a particular color pattern. Like fabrics, this particular art form relies on the usage of color to get its message across. Famous drip painter, Jackson Pollock used house paints to fill his canvas, as the paint is lighter than oil paint. This gave him the opportunity to use large amounts of paint at once.

What makes drip painting so exciting, is that anyone can be a drip painter if they are willing to explore the technique. Instead of stopping at a paintbrush, Pollock used items like sticks, hardened brushes and basting syringes to create his works of art.

If you’re looking for a great project to do with the kids, drip painting is fun to do outside in the grass, where making a mess is completely forgivable. Simple children’s acrylic paint will do the trick, as the paint is already thin enough to work with. Have them lay the canvases on the grass and drip the paint as they stand over the canvas. Even though they are simply dripping paint on a canvas, the colors and methods they use will surely evoke their emotion at the time.   

Pair their finished work of art in a room with one of our drip inspired discount fabrics to create an artistic feeling. Plus, the kids will receive the satisfaction of seeing their artwork displayed in a special place.

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