Top Red, White, and Blue Fabrics for the Fourth of July

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Fourth of July is right around the corner. That means barbecues on the porch, celebrations of all our country stands for, and a renewed sense of patriotism. It also means preparing your outdoor and indoor living spaces for the festivities that accompany the holiday. For those of us looking for ways to inject a good dose of patriotic reverie into our living and entertaining spaces without going overboard, decorative fabrics are the perfect solution. To get you ready for this year’s Fourth of July celebrations, we offer up some top ideas for utilizing red, white, and blue fabrics in your homes and patios.

Ideas for Festive Fourth of July Fabric Decorations:

  1. Patriotic Accent Pillows: Accent pillows are the go-to solution for any time you want to add a dose of personality to a room without drastically changing the decor. To decorate for the Fourth of July, head to your local craft store to pick up a few small, inexpensive accent pillows. Then, visit an online fabric store to find the best prices on patriotic prints to cover your pillows with. Unsure about patriotic prints? Buy 12 small pillows to display in groups of three. Each group will contain a red, a white and blue pillow that will look wildly patriotic without offending your sense of style.
  2. Table Runners: Table runners are another fantastic–and easy–way to utilize red, white, and blue fabric this Fourth of July. Simply purchase enough of each color to create a red, white, and blue striped table runner that covers the entire center portion of your dining room table. The best part about this idea? It’s easily stored away for next year!
  3. Placemats and Napkins: Similar to the table runner idea, red, white, and blue fabric can be woven together to create unique, patriotic, and gorgeous placemats and napkins for the guests at your celebration. As with the accent pillows, you can either sew these colors together to create a striped pattern, or simply create enough placemats and napkins in each of the solid colors to allow you to make groupings at each place setting.

Whether you opt for an advanced project or choose to keep it relatively simple, decorative fabrics are an easy, inexpensive, and fun way to inject pride in your country into your decorating scheme this 4th. Visit our online fabric store to browse our selection and then be sure to post what you create on our social media pages so we can celebrate along with you!

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