How To Create Gorgeous Embroidery Hoops For Any Occasion

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Unless you’re an embroidery enthusiast, embroidery hoops might not immediately jump to mind when considering home decorating ideas. Still, these gorgeous decorative pieces are relatively easy to make and serve so many more purposes than one might expect, whether you’re looking for a unique way to decorate your little one’s nursery, add a touch of homemade love to your bedroom, or cozy up a kitchen. Even college students looking to add a dose of home to their dorm rooms will love mounting these hoops to their walls and thinking of home. The Internet abounds with easy, straightforward directions for creating these decorative pieces. Below, we outline the steps for creating an embroidery hoop for your nursery. Review the steps, decide upon your color scheme, visit a discount fabric retailer, and then get started!

Creating an Embroidery Hoop for Your Nursery:

  1. Buy Materials: To create this look, you will need a small, medium, and large wooden embroidery hoop, nails and a hammer, glue, scissors, and three types of home decor fabric.
  2. Create Each Hoop: Take the wooden hoop (which will pull apart easily) and pull the two pieces apart so you have an exterior hoop and an interior hoop to work with. Choose the fabric for the hoop you are creating and cover the outside of the interior hoop with fabric glue. Once the glue is in place, take your fabric and lay it over the hoop. Then, take the exterior hoop and place it over the interior one so you are pressing the fabric down over the glue (be sure to loosen the screw at the top of the hoop before doing so). Use your fingers to pull the fabric through so it isn’t loose. When finished, tighten the screw and then turn the hoop over to trim off any extra fabric.
  3. Repeat for Each Size: Repeat the above process for each size hoop in a coordinating pattern. Then hang above the crib with your nails and hammer.

To watch a video outlining the process, visit Domestic Felicity’s YouTube channel. Once you’ve gotten the hang of the technique you can create an endless number of embroidery hoops in record time. To add an extra dose of personality and coziness, substitute a favorite blanket from your childhood for fabric and create an extra personalized hoop for your little one. Visit Barras Fabrics for an extensive inventory of decorative fabrics at 

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