Enjoying the Beach in Style

It’s the summertime again and that means that things are heating up just in time for us to get back to the beach. If you’re into fashion, you know that going to the beach is much more than waves and sand. It’s an opportunity to show off our best styles with our bathing suit, beach bag and a fashionable beach blanket.

If you’re looking to create a cool beach blanket, we have you covered with some great beachy styles that you can easily sew a border onto and roll up to bring to the beach, but that would be boring when you could combine many different decorative fabrics to make something really interesting.

Some ideas for a beach blanket can be a patchwork blanket out of home fabrics that use different fabric squares sewn all together. We took inspiration from Maiden Jane with her big beach blanket tutorial. Here’s a picture of the end result:


Another one we loved from her blog was a blanket with a large rectangular piece in the center. It’s an idea that really serves as an example that these blankets can be put together in any way you like, so long as it truly expresses your style.

If you’re looking for some great beachy styles, try out some of our outdoor discounted fabrics.

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