[GUIDE] 3 Awesome Summer Decorating Ideas!

Summer Home Decor

Summer has begun and it’s the perfect time to decorate your home after a long tiring spring cleaning! Give your home a splash of color for an updated summer look. Here are 3 awesome ways to bring that summertime feeling into your home.

1: Decorate with Succulents: See tutorial here for this stunning succulent centerpiece.



Succulents are chic and trendy. Decorate your center table with these fantastic tiny plants that come in different shades of the rainbow.  Choose a planter that complements your interior decor, you can choose from white pots or bowls to accentuate their natural vibrant color or a wooden planter for a rustic look.

Adding succulents to your center table instantly gives your home a fresh summer look. Here’s an easy diy succulent center piece you can try.

2: Make a Refreshment Nook: Photocreds: Pottery Barn

refreshment nook

Quench your family’s thirst on hot summer days and brighten up a corner by adding a refreshment nook with flavored teas, fruit-flavored lemonades, or infused water to your foyer, kitchen or living room. All you need are a clear drink dispenser, mason jars, a bowl of fruits and a spritz of imagination. The combination of the color of the fruit slices and the water moisture coming from the ice-cold drink will sure spell S-U-M-M-E-R for everyone in your home.

Here are some refreshing non-alcoholic drinks that’ll add color to a room while keeping your family refreshed! 

3: Update your Fabrics

For a more bold and fun summer look, change up your upholstery and accents with bright and colorful prints. Use flamboyant shades on any of your cushions, curtains, table cloth, place mats, bedding, seat pads, etc.  Choose a summer theme: from pastels, citrus, bright reds and hot pinks, it’ll add a pop of summertime flavor. Just remember to minimize accessories if you are going to use bold and bright fabrics, as you don’t want your home to look like a bag of Skittles.

Here are 4 printed cotton fabrics to help you update your home for the summer.

WhimsyBe bright and bold with this colorful printed fabric. Perfect for table cloths, throw pillows and placemats.







Creative FlowThis one is perfect for that breezy and beachy theme summer decor.

creative flow






MacilentTalking about citrusy colors and flavored drinks, this print is a perfect match.







Womel/Franco: For a bright colored geometric look.







Are you ready to give your home these quick and fun update this summer? Tell us your plans in the comments below! Remember to let us here at barrasfabrics.com know how your DIYs went! 


Spotlight on P. Kaufman’s Textiles

Screenshot 2017-06-09 at 12.40.26 PMIf you’re an interior designer, sewing enthusiast, or even doing your first renovation, no doubt you’ve run into some P. Kaufman fabrics along your journey!

The multi-channeled, multi-million dollar company is relatively young: established 2004, this fabric manufacturer has been making waves – and exceptionally beautiful products – throughout the textile world.

With a strong focus on creating strong, sustainable materials for hotels and casinos, P. Kaufman’s fabrics are hardy and can be counted on for years to come. Because of this field concentration, most Kaufman’s fabrics are only available for wholesale.

Today, we’d like to highlight the superstars of Barras Fabrics’ collection of P. Kaufman textiles. Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite!

1: On Sail in Nautical Screenshot 2017-06-09 at 12.44.00 PM

Nothing says summer like sailboats. Perfect for a throw pillow for the beach house!

2: Hottie Scottie in Sprout Screenshot 2017-06-09 at 12.45.37 PM

If the name is not enough of a draw, this fabric’s playful tone adds a pop to any room.

3: Belize Stripe in Pink Sand Screenshot 2017-06-09 at 12.46.08 PM

Bring the warm sands of Belize to your space this summer. And that pink, though!

4: ChiChi in Papaya  Screenshot 2017-06-09 at 12.46.39 PM“Cha-cha slide” your way into the season! How great would this look on outdoor chairs?

5: Suna in Platinum Screenshot 2017-06-09 at 12.47.09 PM

This material is so glamorous, we’re putting it on the walls, on the couch, everywhere! The height of metallic sophistication.

So…which fabric is speaking to you? See you next week.




5 Interior Design Blogs Even a Layman Should Follow!


We’re all a little obsessed with interior design to some degree. It’s the subtle art of embellishing our personal space to reflect our tastes and style: a true form of self-expression. The art of interior design has been a respected and integral art form throughout history, with different cultures developing their own “norms” and aesthetic tastes. In many cultures, interior design reflects the religious and metaphysical beliefs of the culture, such as the Japanese art of feng shui. By placing objects and accent pieces in strategic positions, we affect the energy of the room and in turn, the energy that flows within us. Whether you’re a skeptic or not, no one can deny the excitement and influence our home’s design has on our lives.

So, on that note, whether you’re redoing your whole home, one room, or just simply like to get inspired by the beautiful ideas of the masters, following an interior design blog is a great way to get your creative juices flowing. Almost every (successful) interior designer has a blog of some sort, whether in the form of a gallery, website, or social channel. But very few stay true-to-life, candid, accessible, AND inspiring. We’ve rounded up our favorite blogs that every interior design layman (or professional or student or enthusiast) can enjoy.

Don’t forget to bring your inspiration to action! Visit us at our online discount fabric showroom to take your stroke of design genius to the next level. Here are our top interior design blogs even a layman should follow.

1: Amber Interiors First, click into the site. Check out the soft whites, bright spaces, and subtle accents. For the crisp aesthetic alone, the blog is a subscription MUST.
interior design blog 1

2: Old Brand New Blogger Dabito shares exquisite photographs of happy rooms that sing with his signature style. Follow for a little bit of this and that about interior design, graphic, design, and priceless photography.

interior design blog 2

3: Coco Lapine Design Hello Coco! No, this has nothing to do with Chanel, but Ms. Lapine’s blog is full of rooms that tie together her Danish flair with industrial undertones. A perfect read with coffee and a baguette.

interior design blog 3

4: Lark and Linen Take a peek into the beautifully designed life of Jacquelyn Clark. Her style is so fresh and clean, while her posts about her daily life are quirky and just a fun read. Enjoy the non-stop ogling over her condo!

interior design blog 4

5: Style by Emily Henderson This is a personal favorite: Emily Henderson stole hearts when she won HGTV’s Design Star. Now she writes a blog full of eye-candy, shoppable stories, and her signature vibrancy. You’ll thank us for introducing you!

interior design blog 5

So those are our top 5 picks! Did you check them all out? Plan on subscribing to any? Let us know in the comments, then pay Barras Fabrics’ online store and get decorating!

Color Psychology: Orange You Glad?

Yeah, yeah, cheesy working title, but thinking about orange just gets us giddy. This insanely cheerful color may invoke some Halloween-esque feelings, but decor wise, it’s super en vogue. We’re seeing it thrown everywhere, from accent pillows, to headboards, to little girl’s bedrooms. The color’s gender neutrality is definitely one of its greatest strengths!

Here’s what most color psychologists have concluded about the feelings this bright hue invokes:

Positive Traits of Orange:

  • Positivity
  • Sociable
  • Optimistic
  • Enthusiastic
  • Eye-catching
  • Informal

Negative Traits:

  • Superficiality
  • Overbearing
  • Exhibitionism
  • Egotism
  • Insincerity

Orange, as everyone knows, is a mix of yellow and red, balancing cheerfulness with intensity to bring you the best of both traits. Ironically, most likely due to its associations with Halloween, orange is often thought of as a cartoonish, vulgar color. Don’t let this scare you from using it around your home and in your wardrobe! A bold orange bag is exactly what this season calls for. Ready to turn some heads?

Here are our favorite orange swatches from our online discount fabric store. Happy browsing!

1: Neddick/Fresco in Orange Pop

BARRAS orange 1









2: Deck Stripe in Orange

barras orange 2









3: Sundeck in Orange

barras orange 5









4: ODL Fish in Orange

barras orange 4









5: Capri in Orange

barras orange capri

Spring Fabrics to Brighten your Space

52354930 - white leather vintage style chair in classical interior room with big window and spring flowers.

Spring, at long last!

The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and Barras’ collection of discount fabric is bright, happy, spring-time tones is exactly what you need to bring the warmth of the season into your home.

While florals are often chosen to represent the springtime vibe, don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, textures, and tones you’ve never used before. Your home decor fabric should be an expression of what spring means to YOU, so don’t shy away from using a swatch you’ve never seen before!

Here are our team’s collective favorites: from furniture upholstery to fabric framing to your next silk scarf, here at the gems were itching to sprinkle throughout our homes and wardrobes:


Jasmine Fan Toss




Tonal Touch

ODL Temiz

Pina Colada

Light of Day


Spotlight: Tommy Bahama Fabrics

Screenshot 2017-03-10 at 9.17.20 AM

Smooth, white sand. Salty, fresh water. Bright, warm sunshine.

Getting in the mood of a vacation?

Tommy Bahama fabrics were created with the the island lifestyle in mind. A bold palette, combined with tropical motifs, invokes that beachy feel that Tommy Bahama’s creators set out to create when they founded their company.

But who is the elusive Tommy Bahama? The man behind the name? The face of the beachy brand? Here’s a little known fact: he doesn’t exist.

Tommy Bahama was dreamed up by Tony Margolis, Bob Emfield, and their wives, the founders of the Tommy Bahama group that was eventually bought out by Oxford Industries. This fabulous foursome created such a strong presence and voice for Tommy that many are STILL unaware that he’s just a tanned, sandy-haired figment of their imagination.

Though fictional, Tommy is still the living inspiration for the company. Decisions are still made based on “What Tommy would do”. He’s the spiritual leader and living role model for the designs and aesthetic that TB is renowned for.

Originally known for their silk-screened shirts and khaki pants, Tommy Bahama has since expanded to Women’s, Swimwear, Home Decor, Gifts, and restaurants spread nationwide. Forget clothing retailer – Tommy Bahama is a full-on lifestyle!

Of course, we’re just here for the fabric. Tommy Bahama’s prints represent everything we love about this brand: casual elegance, warm, vibrant colors, and that untouchable something that just makes you think “Bora Bora”!

Here are some of our absolute must-haves from the Barras Fabrics Tommy Bahama collection:


1: South Series: Nautical


This material would be perfect for a nautical bathroom shade – or framed on the wall of your beach house guestroom.

Screenshot 2017-03-10 at 9.17.51 AM


2: Inky Palms: Jade

A chaise fully upholstered in this material would make the entire room. Just be sure to pair with toned-down throw pillows to avoid a circus-tent feel.

Screenshot 2017-03-10 at 9.18.08 AM


3: Polynesian: Lemoncello

Polynesian combines fine details with bold colors, making this the perfect material for wide, open spaces. Not too overpowering, but plenty of oomph to make it a stand-out.

Screenshot 2017-03-10 at 9.18.46 AM

4: Tranquil Turt: Lava

Go big or go home. These cheerful turtles bring a smile to anyone’s face: imagine accent pillows in Tranquil Turt on a carribean blue loveseat and you’ll fully understand why this one is our staff pick.

Screenshot 2017-03-10 at 9.19.44 AM


So if you’re getting in the mood of the island life, whip up a pina colada, order some Tommy Bahama from our online fabric store, and break out the grass skirts! Aloha!

Color Psychology: The Color Purple

purple cloud









When we say purple, you think…

Princesses? Wine? Royalty? Maybe the timeless movie starring Oprah? We doubt you’re thinking spirituality.

But purple and violet are famously known to represent the internal harmony between body and soul. Purple is comprised of red and blue hues, red representing the physical, blue the spiritual. This is why purple is hailed as the union between our physical and spiritual energies.

If all that’s too meta for you, you can just admire purple for it’s easy-on-the-eyes femininity and daydream-like quality.

Purple is also associated with royalty: it’s depth and richness stir up feelings of power and awe. Violet, a purple derivative, is the color of humanitarianism, selflessness, humility, and wisdom. There are countless positive associations with the gorgeous hue, but purple has its “dark side”: it’s been associated with immaturity, being impractical, cynicism, arrogance, and fraud. So yes, purple strikes a real balancing act.

Let’s talk home decor. You may think violet is reserved for strictly for your little girl’s bedroom, but take a second look. The use of purple elements, in shades ranging from deep eggplant to sugary lilac, has been slowly gaining a cult following among designers. Just check out this gallery of stunning purple home decor: the inspiration never stops.
purple blog 1

The real beauty of purple lies in its unique, chameleon-like quality to encompass all sides of the color spectrum: from deep and mature  to lighthearted and playful, purple does it all with grace and charm. Purple carries whole rooms: go crazy with a bold purple chaise, popstar-violet wallpaper, or subtle touches of aubergine to add sophistication to a space.

Check out these violet variations from our purple collection of discount luxury fabrics:


purple blog 2








Charlotte Square:

purple blog 3










purple blog 4








So are you ready to add some synergy to your home? Merge your materialistic and spiritual sides with some bold pops of purple. Tell us about your purple journey in the comments below, and be sure to check out the Barras Fabrics blog for more color psychology!


Spotlight: Ralph Lauren Textiles


His name is as iconic as it is synonymous with high fashion, classic taste, and timeless style. Mr. Lauren (or perhaps Mr. Lifshitz, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves) has created a broad empire encompassing not only every niche of the fashion industry, but the upscale home decor empire as well. Combining preppy silhouettes with a healthy dose of sportsmanship – think Polo t-shirts! – the Ralph Lauren collection has carved itself a firm corner of the design world.

Ralph was born to Ashkenazi-Jewish immigrants in 1939. In is early childhood, he dreamed of a career in sports, then showbiz, then eventually went on to study business before dropping out after only 2 years of school. After serving in the U.S. Army, he began working the counter at – wait for it – Brooks Brothers. At the age of 28, he convinced their lead manufacturer, Beau Brummell, to allow him to start his own line. And the rest, indeed, is history.

Ralph Lauren slowly built up his brand (of the same name), beginning with in-store boutiques, to the first free-standing American designer store in Beverly Hills, to a fashion empire spanning several lines, countless stores, and an infinite reach of influence. It was only a matter of time before Mr. Lauren launched a home decor line, bringing his iconic tastes to a whole medium.

Ralph Lauren’s textiles combine the best of what the brand has to offer.

From preppy:

wallpaper fabric swatch 2






To classic:

barras blog 2.3.3







To delicately quirky:

Barras blog 2.3.2






These materials shine from curtains to bedspreads to upholstery. Shop our collection of discount luxury fabrics from Ralph Lauren here and bring that preppy, sporty, and timeless flavor to your living space.

Where can you see these fabrics in your home? Which of these patterns speaks to the most? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


Valentines Day Gifts : Show Some Love

50528720_lThere really isn’t a better way to conclude our series on handmade gifts than with a Valentine’s Day inspired Gift Guide! 

On the day we celebrate love in all its splendor, it’s our chance to tell the ones we love what is is we cherish about them. Tell him you love his half-smile. Show her you appreciate every “just checking in” text. A personalized gift is the perfect way to show how you exactly how you feel. After all, actions speak louder than words!

So get lost in the lovey-dovey, sometimes cheesy but always beautiful spirit of Valentine’s Day by presenting your “bae” with a gift they will appreciate long after the cozy winter months are over.

Here’s our final handmade gift guide of the season.


1: V-Day Bath Bombs 

If you’ve never even heard of bath bombs, let alone tried one, your life is about to change. Not only are bath bombs easy to make, they’re beautiful, personalizable, and perfect for a nice warm bath (maybe for two…?) Learn how to make them HERE:Vgifts 1









Courtesy of artcraftsandfamily.com

2: Romantic Movie Night Kit

Ready to get Sleepless in Seattle? Have a good cry over The Notebook? Swoon and sigh for Pretty Woman? Grab a movie, popcorn, and some fuzzy socks: it’s time for a Romantic Movie Night! Guys, you know she’ll love you forever if you stick it out through Noah and Allie’s tumultuous love story! Get inspired HERE:vday gifts 2












Courtesy of bhg.com

3: Custom Beer Bottles

And the award for best girlfriend goes to…Personalize his second-greatest love (you’re first, obviously!) with some sweet Valentine’s Day love. Buy some swoony Valentine’s Day discount fabric and get crafting (no pun intended!).vday gift 3

Courtesy of makethebestofeverything.com

4: I Love You Because…Frame

How sweet is this? By putting together some household items, you can create a truly heartfelt, creative, and adorable gift that anyone would love! Add this dreamy fabric as your background and you’ve got all your gifts covered-literally!vday gift 4

Courtesy of cutediyprojects.com

5:Patched-Heart Sweater

Finally, there’s nothing like a warm-and-fuzzy sweater to keep your one true love warm! This DIY is almost too easy: no sewing skills required! In face, the messier these patches are, the cuter. Add a little love to an everyday sweater and then huddle up for your movie night! Check out the DIY HERE.vday gifts 5

















Courtesy of countryliving.com

We hope your Valentine’s Day is full our laughter, love, and joy. And for those of us who are footloose and fancy-free, don’t forget your closest pals and surprise them with a DIY or two!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Let us know how your DIY projects went, or better yet, share a pic on social media with the hashtag #LoveBarras!


Show Some Love with Handmade Gifts: Part 2

Last week, we spoke about the incomparable joy of handmade gifts. There’s absolutely nothing like knowing your gift was crafted specially to suit your tastes, interests, and personality. The beauty of handmade gifts is that they’re twice as meaningful, usually for half the price of say,  a new espresso machine. Personalized gifts come straight from the heart, not the wallet!

Read last week’s blog for three inspirational DIY gifts HERE.

1:Adorable DIY Clutch

For the fashionista in your life who never liked convention anyway. Shop our online fabric store for great deals on threads to sew this quirky must-have!

barras blog img 1








By: flamingotoes.com

2: Super-Savvy Kindle Fire Case

We’re a tech-first generation, after all! Add a personalized touch to your “Black Mirror” with a homey, cutesy case. Super easy to make, and always appreciated.

barras blog img 2







By: cutoutandkeep.com

3: Practical and Fabulous Coffee Cups

Coffee addicts, rejoice! Make two of these creative cups for you and your fellow coffee-holic. Find a fabulous fabric, grab some glue, and a blank cup from your local dollar store and get crafting!

barras blog img 3








By: everythingetsy.com

4: Gorgeous Coasters for Beer (Ahem) Enthusiasts

There are a bunch of coaster DIYs online, but this one holds up to its promise: a stunning, artisan, and most importantly waterproof custom coaster.

barras blog img 4









By: homemade-gifts-made-easy.com

5: A Delicious, Adorable, Eye-Catching Brownie Sand Art Jar

How can we not feature these adorable treats-in-a-jar? Layer the dry ingredients, wrap in a fun bow with the recipe attached, and let your giftee do the rest! Give the gift of an oven-full of fresh, warm brownies. Hopefully, they’ll share.

barras blog img 5  








By: tasteofhome.com

Have you tried any of these beautiful, heartfelt DIYs? Were you officially crowned greatest gifter ever? Tell us in the comment, then visit Barras Fabrics’ blog for more crafting inspiration!